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Originally posted by Chief skin

Hope this bunch of players is aware of theat fact, now they have something to play for

They will be ready for this game, if we win it will but a serious blow to the cowboy playoff chances :)

The skins season will feel a lot better to be able to shut everyone up in big D

:cheers: :cheers:

:dallasuck :dallasuck :dallasuck

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Hey and let's not forget, if the Redskins win out, the Cowpies lose out, the Panthers lose out, the 49ers lose at least one more, and the Saints and Bucs lose 2 more games, the Redskins take the final wild card slot.

Hey, it could happen.

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I did make one mistake on my senarios, it's Seattle and not the Panthers we need to lose out. The Panthers can win their divisions and we shouldn't care. However, if you think about it, we have a decent chance of winning out with only the Eagles as a huge worry. Cowboys, Bears, and the Eagles is our remaining schedule. As for the other teams...

Dallas at Washington, N.Y. Giants at Dallas, Dallas at New Orleans

San Francisco at Cincinnati, San Francisco at Philadelphia, Seattle at San Francisco

Houston at Tampa Bay, Atlanta at Tampa Bay, Tampa Bay at Tennessee

N.Y. Giants at New Orleans, New Orleans at Jacksonville

Seattle at St. Louis, Arizona at Seattle

I know we have to count for some strange teams in some strange games. The toughest of the games that will be coming up are New Orleans at Jacksonville, Arizona at Seattle, and Dallas at New Orleans.

The rest of these games seem very doable when it comes to us getting the help we need. Of course the Redskins must also help themselves by winning out.

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If we're competitive against Philly, this season has not been a total loss. Philly is really hitting their stride now, and if we can be competitive, that will say a lot. If we can beat them, especially if they haven't clinched home field yet... that will say even more.

The same should be said about Dallas, too, of course; after all, they will be playing extremely hard for sure. I just hope our players are as motivated as the sound bytes indicate. I've heard those bytes before. A win against Dallas would be the sweetest thing we could get, in my opinion. A win against Philly would be the most hope-inspiring.


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SkinsNumberOne, along your lines of thinking...I would say that since we're not going to make the playoffs, you can boil our season down to our two matchups vs. Philly to determine the improvement that we've made from year one to year two.

Last year we lost 37-7 and 34-21. Both games were blowouts as we scored two late TDs in the second game.

So far this year we were came back to pull within an open 2-point conversion of OT in Philly. I would contend that if we play another competitive game vs. the Eagles (in what appears to be another 11 or 12 win season for them) then we've greatly improved over the course of a year.

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