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MNF intros this year

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The SNF intros may be better, but I can't stand JT and Maguire on Sunday Night. Every 2 plays I hear, "When we were talking with so and so last night". And then they argue with each other, and get simple things like the ball hitting the guys helmet last night wrong. I'm not a big Madden fan, but he's better than them.

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It depends what you mean by "intros."

If you mean the song - with the Britney/Aerosmith/Mary J Blige cameos - yes, they do suck big time.

But if you mean the pre-song sketches - gotta disagree with you there. For one sketch only: the Jack Black Colts-Bucs game Shakespeare sketch. "A Coach, a Coach, My Franchise for a Coach!" "BRING ME A DUNGY!"

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