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London Calling: Martins House of Commons Official Offseason Twitter thread, Crumpets and Biscuits(Cheerleaders) extra


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So happy for JP Finlay getting the Redskins beat for CSN (also happy for Tarik, who is a bigger hockey fan anyway, getting the Caps beat). 


JP is one of the best quiet voices in DC sports.  Well worth a follow ya'll. 

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michael phillips @michaelpRTD 31s31 seconds ago

michael phillips Retweeted michael phillips

Update: Can confirm that the Bengals will also arrive in London on the Friday of game week.

michael phillips added,

michael phillips @michaelpRTD
The Redskins won't travel to London until the Friday before their game against the Bengals: richmond.com/redskins-xtra/article_df1fadd2-533b-11e6-8d56-2ba8aa2b4306.html 
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ProFootballTalk @ProFootballTalk 4m4 minutes ago

Cowboys weren’t at fault in bus crash that claimed the lives of four


  2. The Cowboys will be without 3 of their front 7 to start the season.


CSN Redskins @CSNRedskins 2m2 minutes ago

Ranking the Redskins Part 5 (53-6): Filling the hole left by Galette's injury http://ow.ly/ekNn302Da66  #RedskinsTalk

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Redskins CB Bashaud Breeland brought a litter of adorable puppies to training camp read it in BRBN


Troy Vincent @TroyVincent23 10m10 minutes ago

A player who is penalized two times in one game for certain types of unsportsmanlike conduct fouls will now be DQ’d:


Burgundy Blog @BurgundyBlog 13m13 minutes ago

Gruden on possibly signing a guy to replace Galette (via @michaelpRTD): "I know we're talking to a couple people, so we'll see how it goes."

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ESPN 980 @espn980 25s26 seconds ago

.@cbaker92redskin on Junior Galette: "It's really sad to see this tragic injury happen to him once again [...] he works so hard." #Redskins


ESPN 980 @espn980 11s12 seconds ago

.@cbaker92redskin on who can step up in place of Junior Galette: "Preston [smith]. He knows what it takes to be successful." #Redskins

ESPN 980 @espn980 59s60 seconds ago

.@cbaker92redskin: "We're more experienced, we understand the defense better. We'll be ready to go once we get down to Richmond." #Redskins



Hey #DC, I've partnered with @GoodHumor and am handing out free ice cream at the @ReaganITCDC from 12-3PM. Stop by!


ESPN 980 @espn980 1m1 minute ago

.@cbaker92redskin's mindset: "I'm very excited. We had a very talented team last season," & Swaggy thinks they can improve upon it in 2016.


ESPN 980 @espn980 1m1 minute ago

.@cbaker92redskin: "I just gotta go do what I've done my whole career, and that's prove people wrong." #Redskins


ESPN 980 @espn980 19s19 seconds ago

.@cbaker92redskin: "We got a lot of weapons [on offense]. This will be a very competitive camp [...] we're going to compete on every down."


ESPN 980 @espn980 2m2 minutes ago

.@cbaker92redskin: "I'm a lot leaner, faster. Hope I can stay healthy and go out there and produce the same way as last year. Even better."

Not Robert Griffin @Pseudo_RGIII 32s33 seconds ago

Not Robert Griffin Retweeted NFL on ESPN

Can they get to the QB?

Not Robert Griffin added,

Can they get to the QB?

Not Robert Griffin added,

Bashaud Breeland brought puppies to training camp. (via @Redskins)
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5 Options (Besides Hardy) for the Redskins to help replace Junior Galette #httr #redskins http://buff.ly/2auD73r 


I wonder if Mike Neal would accept a minimum level deal with incentives since he is unsigned as camps start up? Far from a star and you have to wonder why GB did want to bring him back but he is an experienced OLB with 4-6 sacks a year (and 2 sacks against us in the playoff game in Jan). 

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Chris Russell @Russellmania621 6m6 minutes ago

Chris Russell Retweeted 106.7 The Fan

Bruce and I usually don't see eye to eye. This time - we are on the same page.

Chris Russell added,

106.7 The Fan @1067theFan
As heard on @1067theFan w/ @Russellmania621, Bruce Allen says "the Cowboys have a lot of pull in the league office." http://cbsloc.al/2a2mEkN 

Washington Redskins @Redskins 15m15 minutes ago

Outside linebacker will be a position to watch during #SkinsCamp. Defensive battles: http://redsk.in/2a1igU3 

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(In ya best Dowton Abby voice)

The Twittah thread is hereby formerly closed, seek further advice here.....



Please proceed directly to Camp, do not pass Go and thanks for visiting, leave the tea cups please. 



  • Thanks for coming all, #HTTR, ,,,,,,,528,603 views
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