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April 1st Office Pranks

Spaceman Spiff

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A bit disappointed that there was no major or minor ES Stadium April Fool attempts this year. So many opportunities! Cousins' trade. McCloughin talked into hiring Vinny for new expanded staff. Redskins Brees trade talk heats up. Etc.


For shame!


As to all of you who keep protesting how you hate April Fool's Day I can only surmise that you are both easily tricked and quickly embarrassed.


Most people have a very hard time coming up with something that is actually funny.  The things on this board, Coulter is a lesbian, Redskins trade for Brees, or whatever, it gets an eye-roll from me, not a laugh. 


Or Bruce Irvin's "I'm so sorry I got a DUI" bit on twitter.  Not exactly comedy gold.

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My 6 y/o made jello in a nice glass with a straw and gave it to my wife yesterday morning as "fruit juice" 


She also told another girl at school there was an ant on her (there was no ant)


My 4 y/o made a cardboard brown letter E in preschool and offered me a brown-E when I picked her up


My 3 y/o told me she was "wet" (she has been potty trained for over a year) when I put her in her car seat


These were all Awesome IMO

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