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Madden 15 - XBox One & PS4 Thread

Dont Taze Me Bro

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We had a Madden 25 thread, not one for Madden 15.  I was a little hesitant to start this, so late, but we have Madden 15 until late August of this year.  With that said, let's post everything Madden.  Favorite playbooks, plays, etc.


Also, gamer tags (with system listed).  Organize connected franchise leagues with drafts, etc.


PS4 - DontTazeMeBroski


Xbox One - gumby6971


I'm in a great league already on PS4 with Mama There Goes That Man, Rodrigo, MLS, Goonie and others.  Great league fun times.  I'd like to join a connected franchise league on Xbox One or start one.  Starting one would allow for drafting the players, which would be nice but not the end of the world if spots are open in some leagues and the teams available are not horrible roster wise.


I'll toss out the question to all Xbox One players, if I started a league would anyone be interested.  Or if anyone is interested in starting a league, post here.  I don't really want the responsibility of commissioner, but will assume it if needed lol.

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I'd be in for a xbox one leage. GT is rdsknFANatic


Play Fifa a lot as well if someone wants a game.


You can throw me in there too. Same name as PSN

Nice, so we got y'all two now, myself, STRLO with two interested and skinfan2k  We are at 7 people now.  


We can roll with that or wait a few days and see if anyone else is interested.  

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