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2014 Buccaneers Look-a-Like Thread

Dan T.

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We have, long ago.  Clearly you are too dense to realize that.  The look-a-like threads are made in the spirit of fun, which you also clearly fail to grasp.  


You have three posts to your name since joining this board, and TWO of them were spent coming back to the look-a-like thread after Redskins losses to gloat.  You defile this thread with your ham-handedness.  It's the wrong place to do that.  In fact there is no correct place on this board to do that. Especially  from a loathsome Cowboys fan.  


So congratulations.  You have the inside track to 2014 Troll of the Year.  


Also, I have a feeling you won't be around long here much longer.  


Against the good natured spirit of this and other look-a-like threads I sincerely say, go **** yourself.

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