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I was a little disapointed in it.   Pilots mean nothing.   Some pretty great shows had horrible pilots,  Like Start Trek Next Generation,  Sons of Anarchy,  even Homeland...     all had bad pilots...


To my mind it's implausible CDC sends the brother of one of the infected into a quarentine situation...   The most unplausible thing is how they are treating the quarintine though.    One 90 pound chick is in charge of the quarentine?   Sick people get up and leave,  healthy people threaten her and hold her hostage...  no changes to security?    Then healthy people get up and leave.... still no changes to security??


It was like the guys writing the movie had no idea what goes on during a quarentine...    It was dumb....


Good sciencefiction asks you to accept 1 or 2 new facts about reality.    Like a japanese scientist has engineered a bio weapon which is passed not through air or water,   but by french kissing.....    Believing everybody at the CDC became dumb overnight and forgot their jobs was too much for me to accept.


Hope it get's better,  I haven't given up on it yet... Still have to watch the second show which is on demand... Hopefully it's better.

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I really wanted to like this - but the roles were borderline cliche (evil asian scientist, evil government military man, love triangle between goody two shoes scientist and exwife/new assistant, etc.).


I'm just hoping they work out some of the plot kinks and let the characters develop a little more. Plus, doesn't the viewer need someone or something to root for? Was there any character that actually appealed to anyone? 


Maybe the vet chick? She was funny at least. 

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