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Help me fix my refrigerator!


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Maintenance guys won't fix my fridge because its not causing problems and is cooling fine. I believe it's the defrost fan is frozen or something. When I press the back vent I can hear ice crunching. No one tell me the freezer is too full or that something is blocking the vent because that is not the case. It's only problem is really that is it's extremely loud and I'm worried it's running more electricity trying to defrost every 30 minutes.


Today I tried letting it defrost manually.  I put all my frozen food into the fridge and cut power off of the refrigerator/freezer for 2 hours.  Cut it back on and within 10 minutes it started back up and has been making this sound for atleast 2 hours now.  Any ideas?




if anyone know hows to embed the video from tinypic please help me, heres the link to the video



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Yeah, Im thinking the fan that pushes cold air into your fridge (air handler)  is either going bad or is dirty (most likely the case) .  Worst case scenario its the compressor, but without hearing the noise, and inspecting the fan, I wouldnt be able to be definitive.  Have you taken the back housing off of the unit yet and inspected the fan?

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I had an epic fridge battle earlier this year, lasting over a month. My GE bottom freezer was working fine, but the upper fridge portion was suddenly room temp after years of perfection.


The first tech to investigate said 'replace now', and there was 'nothing' he could do before he charged me an $85 appearance fee. I wasn't ready to drop $1500 on a new fridge so I sought a second opinion. Glad I was patient. 



The next tech said he suspected the problem was due to my fridge door's magnet having weakened over the 12 year life of the unit. The magnetic strip (which seals the door to the fridge when closed) had sagged with time, allowing a 1/4 in wide gap, about 1-2 inches long. That little gap allowed enough warm air to enter, thus overwhelming the fridge's motor and caused the fan to stop. However, the freezer continued to run fine which added to the mystery.


The tech suggested ordering and installing a new magnet for me, but he couldn't guarantee the work due to the age of my fridge. It was a $250 gamble I was willing to take. I would have to wait another week for him to obtain the part from god knows where. Fortunately, it was the dead of winter and I don't keep a lot of perishables in my fridge so I was willing to wait, at this point it had already been three weeks.

Finally the magnet arrived and Bingo! Fridge works as well today as it ever did. So glad I didn't drop $1500

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Thats awesome! When it comes to refrigeration, unless there is a hole in your coil and you are losing refrigerant, most issues you can either DIY or call someone and have it fixed.  Most issues are small like a transformer needing to be swapped out, dirty coil, or fan replacement.  Sometimes a wire gets crimped and you lose 24 volts to a motor.  The hardest part is always just opening up the unit and looking for yourself.  Another good tip for ANYONE with any kind of DIY work needing to be done is that Youtube has a fix it video for almost everything.  My father in law fixed his LED tv by watching a youtube video, and I was able to fix my dishwasher (door wouldnt shut completely and would open during a wash, and the machine would keep running spraying water everywhere) all by just watching youtube.

I wouldnt have thought about the magnetic strip going bad, that is a great little tidbit of info to have. 

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