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profootballfocus.com: Secret Superstar: Will Montgomery


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Profootball focus passes on some praise with their extensive grades for Montgomery.


Props to him!




 Struggling for Opportunities


His performance was sufficient enough to see him open the 2011 season as the starting center in Washington and  begin to stand out. His overall grade for that season (-4.6) might not look particularly impressive but when you consider that his two worst performances came in his three starts at left guard, and that he finished the year with a grade of +4.4 in his time at center, the Redskins faith in him heading into this past season makes sense.



Taking the Next Step


Though he had shown signs that he could be a decent player on that Redskins offensive line, his level of play in 2012 was a bit of a surprise. Missing just six of the team’s offensive snaps throughout the entire year, he played well enough to finish as our fifth highest graded center, ahead of  impressive players like Nick Mangold and Chris Myers.


Solid as a pass blocker, where his Pass Blocking Efficiency rating of 98.2 was 11th among all players at the position, it was as a run blocker where he really stood out. His run blocking grade of +16.0 was the fourth best mark of all centers in 2012, and tied for 16th best since we began grading in 2008.


His consistency was key too, with just 51 negatively graded plays and three penalties in 1,112 snaps showing that, while he may not have been mauling opposing defensive linemen downfield, he did a solid job as a blocker to open holes for the Redskins running game.



Entrenched as the Starter


After years of battling since his career began in 2006, Montgomery is finally in position to call the starting center job in Washington his own. So where does he go from here? Well, simply put, he needs to continue to perform at a high level. His 2012 season was fantastic but it’s his job to prove that it wasn’t a flash in the pan and that he’s going to continue as a top-five player at his position for the next few years.


Having just turned 30 it may seem like he’s on the down slope of his career but you’d have to expect him to have a few good seasons left in him yet. If he continues to avoid mistakes and do his job as a run blocker, it won’t be long before he’s getting the credit he deserves.


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Montgomery was starting to receive a lot (relatively speaking) of positive press from analysts and local media members early last season. It's hard to judge centers with the eyeball test from your couch, but I figure with RGIII being a rookie, Montgomery must've been responsible for calling out protections. Obviously, he must have been very good at it. Love the guy!

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I fail to understand. Why is it such a shock that players actually IMPROVE during their 3rd, 4th, and 5th years in the NFL. We always hear about rookies who are lost because of the lack of experience factor. Then someone like Monty comes along who does not start in year one, is switched back and forth for several years from guard to center, and then finally gets 2 straight years at the center positiion, and now he is reaching his physical maturity at the same time he has 3 years experience in the SAME system, and everyone is SHOCKED that he may actually have developed into a Pro Bowl type of quality player. Especially....ESPECIALLY since he is surrounded by other Pro Bowl players like Robert and Alfred and Trent....is it any wonder that he may have elevated his game?

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Love to hear it. Praise where it's due. Trent Williams may be the only star type/standout. But the big uglies get it done. I guess the question is at right tackle...but the rest really showed me they work well as a unit and peformed much better than I thought they would. I'm sure the style of offense helps with the quick reads/throws, etc. Great job though. Here's to hoping with more time together they only get better and better.

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