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2011-2012 Washington Redskins Final Report Card


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QB: F - Needs no explanation.

WR/TE: B - They fit the system and they got open. Not the best, but not bad.

RB: A - Plug and play.

OL: C - Run blocking inconsistent but good at end of year, pass blocking inconsistent all year even with starters

DL: B - Not bad. Not great. We'll see what happens with Jenkins.

LB: B - Solid group. Not yet elite.

DB: D - These guys are huge disappointments especially with the money they're making.

Special Teams: D - Only Punter is saving factor.

Let's see rest of everyone's thoughts.

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Coaches - D: I don't know how anyone can think Rex and Beck are quality starters. Only thing that makes it not a F is.because the draft picks actually have produced somewhat.

QB - F : 20 picks in 13 games from Rex, garbage from Beck

RB: C: Did okay, considering. Helu and Royster are going to be durability concerns with a full year's workload

WR/TE: C-: Nothing special here outside of Hankerson. Would have been higher but Davis can't stay sober

OL: D: Poor pass blocking all year. Decent run blocking at the end. No depth and Trent loves the ganja

DL: C: Still no try NT. But great play from guys like Carriker. Would have like to see Neild more

LB: C: Riley and Fletcher were the bright slots. But teams still ran on us with no problems. Orakpo was inconsistent but improved against the run. Kerrigan looked good for a rookie but still has a ways to go

DB: C-: Injuries an issue all season. Hall is overrated. Wilson looked good early but had a pretty bad rough patch in the middle. Gomes showed flashes but looked overwhelmed most of the time.

ST: D: Rocca the only bright spot. Hopefully next minicamp and preseason they'll actually learn how to block for a field goal.

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QB Huge fail we need to do a lot better here i accept that not all picks are the QB's fault but someone like Tebow would be worth a million dollars

WR I thought we did ok at WR a C+ again not all catching problems are the WR's fault Rex throwing into double and triple coverage with Santana Moss the target is not a good move

TE F If Chris Cooley doesnt play we seem to lack at this position having a stoner isnt a good move either

RB B+ Helu, Royster and Hightower are the way to go by sharing the load they could all have 1000 yard seasons

OL D not to shabby, at least they put in the hard yards and never gave up

DL C promising start this needs some work at depth but looks good

LB still early days for the new formation but it appears to be working ok

DB we need depth here and at least one real good DC

SS/FS D when he DL is good the safeties will get better LL is one we need to keep nor sure what to do with the rest again the DL improves the Safties will too

ST P A+ the aussie is brilliant

K B+ i like Gano anyone who can get the ball tipped at the LOS and still get points for it has my vote

Coaches B- the coaching will get better as the team gets better

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QB- Rex..D+. I've always thought Rex was a good qb but a TERRIBLE decision maker. And I was right. Beck-F. Dude is horrible. i thought he was gonna be at least adequate, boy was i wrong.

RB-THT...B...He was good. What else can you say? Helu..A....Can't play much better than he did as a Rookie RB. Torain...D...One good game, the rest were horrible. Royster B+ Again, played extremely well for his draft place.

FB-Young..C+...He was fine..

Tackles-Williams..C....His play was better than a C..His decision making of the field was terrible. Brown..D+..The guy has been a disappointment. Smith..C...He was...average..or a little below. Locklear..D...he was bad..

Guards..Chester..C....he was fine..Hurt..C...He was fine..Kory..B+...The guy was ballin before his injury.

Center-Montgomery..C...again..he was fine.

TE-Cooley..C....It was obvious that he was playing very hurt, so I'm not gonna knock him for battling through injuries. Davis..C....His play was better than a C..His decision making of the field was terrible. Paulsen..D.. Waaaay to many penalties.

WR-Moss D+..He was hurt..but he was baaad. Way to many drops and a couple of bad penalties. Gafney..B+..For what we got him for, he was an A+. Almost 1000 yards. Great season Jabar. Donte..C+...Made some BIG PLAYS. Armstrong..D-....practically invisible. One nice TD, though. Paul..C....Beastly special teamer. Good blocker. Hank..B-...he was great in the 3 games he played in. Austin..D..Made 1 or 2 plays..that's it. Anderson..C...He was okay.

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QB- D At least Rex could put up some points, so no F, but not much higher with so many turnovers. Beck has been shellshocked and just refused to come out of that shell when given the chance this season.

RB- B+ THT went down but was good when in, Helu did well in his rookie year when he finally got to start, and Royster was a nice surprise, giving this unit anything below a B makes me question one's perspective. Torain was released which I agreed with, and Young is looking solid at FB.

WR- B- Hankerson could develop into something special, Gaffney a welcome addition, Moss good, but injury limited his time, and still has some inconsistencies, Stallworth was a good addition in the end, Armstrong I don't think is on the team next season, Paul not thrown to very much, same with Austin. There is potential in the young guys, but only Hank really got to show it, and then he went to IR, story of our season.

TE- B+ Would be an A if not for Davis' suspension which makes him risky now, but he plays well, same with Cooley, and Paulsen isn't shabby

OL- C+ There is potential, Trent is playing better but same suspension concern as Davis. Licht went down, Hurt has some potential, Monty was ok, Chester did good for year 1 in a new blocking scheme, RT needs to be addressed. Polumbus is questionable depth, Smith has some potential as a back-up and maybe could vie for the RT if he switches over and has a good camp. Pass blocking was jekyl and hide this year, run blocking improved as season wore on

DL- B+ For a 3-4 unit they were good with pressure and PDs, but run stopping could be better, though their main job is to narrow gaps and let the LBers finish off. Lots of potential especially when Jenkins comes back

LBer- A- I know some are down because of the lack of a singular double-digit sack player, but Kerrigan did great for a rookie, Orakpo improved in run stop and coverage and still got some pressure, plus, per Haslett, took most double teams which freed up the others. Fletcher was great as usual, led NFL in tackles, and Riley has potential though had some knucklehead plays as well.

DB- C+ Wilson was a nice addition, but had some struggles. Hall is definition of Jekyl and Hyde this season, Atogwe injured too often and when in had some good plays but lumps as well, Landry has the achilles problem, Gomes was a nice addition though had some struggles also, but a rookie, Doughty was a good spot contributor in previous seasons but this may have been his last in DC, Barnes regressed, Westbrook started looking decent as a nickle but limited time.

K- B Gano has potential and could develop in to a very good kicker if we give him time. Good leg, it would be nice to see him able to kick w/o fear of being blocked and possibly injured.

P- A+ Sure Rocca had a couple punts this season he'd like to do over, but those were few and far between. Solid leg and a welcome bright spot.

STs- C I was a fan of Danny Smith in previous years, but the penalties for the same stupid things mounted this year, and not seeing steady improvement from the group like we once did. I may be joining Bang's bandwagon.

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Coaches- C+: Some poor decisions in a few departments, including the obvious Grossman and Beck "These guys can play" hypothesis from our HC. All out Blitz on 3rd and a mile in critical situations from Haslett. Special teams coach must be replaced. If were purely based on the negatives I would Say D but, Mike Shanahan has almost (I say almost because of the substance abuse) turned around the status quo and mental requirements of starting for this team, In the aspect of play hard or sit down regardless of your history. Shanahan took the HC job inheriting a bunch of overpaid thugs, shown them the door (mostly) and now we are watching a locker room turnaround. These guys want to win, not just get paid.

QB- D-: I would say F if Kerrigan wasn't such an impact defensive player, reason being is that the top qb on the board was Gabbert and he has yet to prove anything whatsoever (though I do feel remorse for the situation he was thrown into), I know we could have Dalton or Ponder, but Hindsight is 20/20 and Ponder would have been a huge reach at 10 and we were pretty much stuck with Grossman and Beck for the year. Another point is that the flashes of great play that Grossman had shown in games may have inspired Shanahan's ego into believing he could coach the "bad rex" out of him.

RB- B-: Another circumstantial grade, considering we just washed out and started fresh (besides Torain who was still Shanhan 2010 Fodder). We drafted Helu and Royster, Helu who obtained two franchise records 3 straight 100 yard rushing games for a rookie Redskin, and receptions in a game(I know this record is almost trash considering beck was playing captain checkdown). Then we have Royster who has had a 100+ yard rushing game of his own and has shown signs of being a fit in the running scheme. This grade may even be higher had Hightower stayed healthy and we had a legitimate passing attack to compliment what these running backs are capable of.

WR/TE- D+: Hankerson may have been a steal for us, but only time will tell. The rest of the WR corps are all small and mediocre. I would like to see us obtain a big possession receiver but there are many fans wishing the same thing for their team. The TE's are fine (If Davis can get his head out of the clouds and lay the pipe down). Paulsen is a solid blocker and has shown to have decent hands (when open). The older guys (Moss and Gaffney) are just patchwork 'til we find our nitch, I think many of these problems could be fixed with a better QB and a big talented receiver.

OL- C- : Pass blocking must improve, Trent must stop smoking dope, and we need depth.

DL- B: I think considering how bad our 3-4 D-line was in year one of the system, that we have made a giant leap in this area of the team. We really have little idea of what Jenkins can add to this formula too, very exciting I think.

LB- B-: Kerrigan gets burnt in man coverage and makes rookie mistakes, but he is a ballhawk and has impressed me enough to say I think he was more than worthy of his 1st round choice. Orakpo is a one trick pony but I think that can work with some ILB depth and better tackling from our DB's. Fletcher should be a Probowl starter and was robbed (whats new?) Riley was solid. I think our starters have earned the B- grade, lets just add some depth/fletcher replacement.

DB- D : We do not have the cover corners needed for the amount of blitzing this team does. consistently leaving these guys on 1on1 situations has killed us in critical situations. Safeties are good when Healthy, I think Landry would be great if we had better CBs, he is not the best in coverage but he has gotten better, however the fear he can bring into receivers is enough to reserve his spot for one more season, or more if he can stay healthy.

ST: D: Kick return defense was good, Rocca was a big upgrade, but every other aspect of our special teams needs improvement, and this can start with replacing Danny Smith.

Overall: B - based on production I would say this team is an D and only because our defense is formidable statistically, the reason for the B is the big upgrade in locker-room mentality, it seems to me that the players know they must play hard to earn their check and that they are hungry to be winners. I may get slammed for this statement, and I don't care if I do but I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the 2011 Redskins; The turning of the tides and the youth movement came into affect this season. Our team with a mostly anemic scoring threat, found the courage to stay in games, create turnovers, and take shots at the other team without rolling over(except maybe the Bills game). I'm a firm believer that with a quality QB, this team will be a force in the NFC East. Hail!

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Quarterback: D+, way too many turnovers and Rex can't hit all of his throws, but I give him a little bit of credit, he had his fair share of nice deep balls and nice plays. Beck was alright at first but that Bills and 49ers game was the nail in the coffin, he doesn't even deserve a 2nd chance after that.

Running Back: B, I was underwhelmed with THT but I was impressed with Helu and I'm not complaining about Royster, probably could use more playmaking but it's probably above average.

Wide Receiver: D, We have a lot of mediocre players, Santana was out and when he was in towards the end of the year he might have been more of a liability at times than an asset. Jabbar is unspectacular but Hankerson flashed. Armstrong and Stallworth were disappointing but had their moments, I hope Austin could get some playing time along with Niles. Lack of talent here is a major problem.

Tackles: B+, for Trent when he was in, he is a dominating LT and will be an asset for us for a long time, I'm confident he will make sure he won't get caught again. C- for Jammal, he was pretty mediocre at best, could use an upgrade here.

Rest of the Line: D+, Montgomery did well before he went down, but Maurice gets abused but he is a 7th round pick. Chester has been okay at best, unspectacular but not a complete and total liability. Definitely lack of talent and depth here.

Defensive Line: B+, the line was all around solid with no real players standing out, Cofield and Bowen played very well and I was impressed with Carriker also, they consistently got pressure. This posistion is set it seems, a true NT wouldn't hurt.

Linebackers: A, London Fletcher is a fringe hall of famer and plays like it, one of the best players in the NFL, Orakpo and Kerrigan consistently garnered attention, pressure, sacks, and made plays, Riley stepped in and played pretty nicely while McIntosh was mediocre at best.

Secondary: C, LaRon was too hurt to do much damage this season even though we know he has the talent. DeAngelo Hall was up and down but mostly down while Josh Wilson was pretty solid and played well. Depth here is a problem also, dealing with Kevin Barnes and Reed Doughty was really tough this year.

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Coaching-B, Now folks may say this is too high but they have assembled some good talent and depth. I want to see what Kyles offense looks like with a real qb. They also get a pass on the whole Rex/Beck thing. Obviously Shanny wanted to fix other areas first and I agree with that.

Quarterback-D, mainly cuz of Beck. Grossman is a solid C at best. He can make the throws but not the right decisions. Definitely need a upgrade there.

Running back-A, Helu, Royster, Hightower. Also Young. We are set. Another bang up job by Shanny.

Wideout-C, Not a amazing group but they do get open. Gaffney has been a nice surprise. Moss would shine with a better qb, Hankerson and Paul have talent. Wouldn't hurt to add a legitimate playmaker here.

Tight End-A, Fred, Cooley and Paulsen have us sitting pretty.

Oline-C, Good young guys stepped up, Smith, Hurt. Returning Trent will help but still in need of help here.

Dline-B, Cofield, Bowen and Carriker have been above average. Add Jarvis Jenkins and we will see if they can improve on a solid year.

Linebackers-A, Orakpo and Kerrigan make a tandem most teams would kill for. Fletcher is still beasting. Riley seems to be excelling after sitting for a while. Good depth in Jackson and White and Fox.

Corners-C, A disappointment to say the least. The potential is there though. Hall is what he is, a playmaker that will gamble and lose sometimes but win others. I can live with it. Wilson looked better late. Barnes isn't the answer. Need to add a young guy via the draft or FA.

Safety- B*, This grade is based on whether or not they resign Landry. Healthy he is a monster. Period. Atogwe looked better later in the year. Gomes is solid depth. Doughty is unimpressive.

Special Teams-D-, Banks and Rocca are the only ones worth mentioning. Maybe Lorenzo.

The base is there Shanny just needs another good draft and his franchise qb. Future is bright.

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Passing Game - C - hard to be consistent when so many parts were out this year. Skins had no consistent WR under the age of 30 and no pass catching TE for the last 4 games. Plus 3 OL were out for a while and they lead the league in total QB hits over the last 3 years. That INT yesterday was freakish luck, between getting hit as he let it go, bouncing HIGH off the helmet and no PI being called. That play summed up Rex's luckless career. Unreal. Passing game finished 14th in the league and Rex the same for passing yards per game. INTs were unacceptable but O.K. otherwise. OL desperately needs depth in pass blocking. Unless the front office finally addresses the OL, a QB is going to get seriously hurt. See Jaguars and Rams - among others.

Passing game had a fair amount of production though. Most better ones in the league have QBs and/or coaches that have been there for years. Exception being Palmer with the Raiders (who had a higher INT % than Rex) and Newton.

Running Game -D - Don't think it does as well without Rex as a downfield threat. Finished 24th in the league which is below average. Future looks decent though with the two young ones.

Running Defense - C minus - finishing 18th but the Skins will likely do better in that dept with Jenkins back.

Pass Defense - C - finished 13th in the league - one spot above the passing offense.

Coaching - C - Offensive play calling was baffling at times. Special teams were quite bad. Defense was horrible against Minnesota's back ups (no excuses). Eagles scored at will against the defense.

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