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  1. The name isn't changing anytime soon. This was a fad debate and it'll rise up again at a later time, but it's quickly losing relevance. Let me state that I empathize with those who are against the Redskins name because I can see their viewpoint. But at the end of the day, when you are the minority, you have to take your lumps and pick your battles. This isn't it.
  2. This poll is excellent. Take out the last question, maybe even the first, administer the poll to Native Americans, and we will finally have our answer. If the majority says NO to the second question, then that will be the end of this controversy.
  3. Just thought I'd insert this article here as there are some parallels for discussion purposes: http://www.cnn.com/2014/07/17/opinion/yang-mikado-racism/index.html?hpt=hp_bn7 One of the comments that stuck out at me, and one that I believe has good intentions but is wrong is this: Thoughts?
  4. Porter has proven nothing, and this move just proves the lack of confidence in him. Can he grow? Yes. But obviously he still hasn't shown anyone anything, yet. Hope they ship out Webster, for Porter's sake.
  5. What happens if you refer to them in the third person? For example: "I have a friend who is white." "Look at that black guy." "I have a friend who is a Redskin." "Look at that Redskin." Also fascinating was the one guy who posted earlier about calling his Asian friend "yellow" and his friend being OK with it. I know that I personally would not be OK with it. At the same time, I also know that plenty of Asians refer to themselves as "yellow", and I do not find that offensive. Obviously "yellow" does not have the same stigma as the N word but it does make me think.
  6. Just conduct the poll already. What do you think the Washington Redskins should do concerning their team name? 1. Change it. 2. Keep it. 3. No opinion.
  7. Bring Melo. We have no one to take the ball and finish teams off. No alpha scorer. Closest we have is Beal, who's upside is Ray Allen. Ray Allen didn't do **** when he had to carry teams. Between John Wall passing up open shots, Beal air balling multiple three's, and Nene being always injured and inconsistent, it's painfully obvious what Melo can add. If Melo is a ballstopper, unload Nene and let Melo have his offensive touches. Melo at PF actually improved the Knicks when Amare went down. If PF is not ideal, then find someone who will fill that role. Wall Beal Melo ????
  8. Series should be 3-2, Wiz. Damn. However improbable, I'd love for it to happen....
  9. Can we wait until the Hawks beat the Pacers before declaring them our next round opponents? (WIzards are a shoe-in )
  10. Skip is winning. People are still quoting his tweets 2 years later. AND reacting.
  11. Melo needing the ball to be effective isn't a problem. In fact, that's exactly why he would be such a great fit here. Who demands the ball on the Wizards? Nobody. We need someone who can score in any fashion and that's Melo. Beal is a great off the ball player and isn't like Harden or Kobe, who need the ball in their hands so they can dribble for 20 seconds to get their shot. Melo can do what Ariza does on offense plus a lot more. Defense would falter. I'm no salary cap expert so someone vet this: Projected Salary Cap $63.2M Projected Luxury Cap $77.0M Carmelo 20.0M Ne
  12. Someone convince me why unloading Ariza and signing Melo wouldn't work, other than the dream of KD returning to DC in 2016.
  13. Wiz beat Bulls in Round 1. Wiz beat Pacers in Round 2. Wiz beat Miami in Round 3 when Lebron is unable to play in the series due to an injury in previous round. Wiz lose to Thunder in finals. KD comes to DC. Book it.
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