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TOI: Man urinates hair after 'botched' operation


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Man urinates hair after 'botched' operation

Ratnagiri businessman Murad Mulla, 48, who has lost his sleep, appetite, sexual life and ability to work has landed up at the state-run St George Hospital with the hope of leading a normal life again.

He has spent the past seven years chasing doctors and undergoing six surgeries to fix a not-so-unusual problem of urine retention. Mulla suffers from an odd condition where he passes pubic hair every time he urinates.

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See, when you have a surgeon **** up your first operation and leave you in a state of unbelievable discomfort, you have to be ****ing retarded to go back to that same surgeon to have the problem fixed. There's an old saying in India, I mean its in America, its probably in India too, it goes: fool me once...shame on...well shame on you.......you fool me you can't git fooled again!

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