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What is wrong with you?!!?


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I am usually just a lurker but I felt the need to make a post....

What is wrong with some of you?! I was born in 88 so I did not have the pleasure of watching the Skins win three Super Bowls. For the most part I have grown up watching them lose except for the occasional playoff run. However, I have NEVER wished for my team to lose games. And I will not start asking them to lose now. This whole business of suck for Luck or lose for landry, barkley (name whatever QB you want) is not what any true fan should be wishing for. None of these QBs have taken a snap in the NFL and until then,they arent going to be some gift from the Heavens that will miraculously turn our team around. Also, I am sure your Redskins players don't appreciate the negative enthusiasm.

For all those fans that are still faithful and cheering for a win every week..Hail to the Redskins.

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We've been over this a million times.

The fact is, a large contingent of people figure, hey, we are gonna lose most our games anyway, so why not lose all of them and get a good pick?

It's hard to argue. I'm still rooting for them to win, but hell, we obviously suck so it's not like I'm crying in my beer today over a loss. I certainly hope we beat the Cowboys - because I might be in attendance for some moronic reason - but besides that I'm falling into the camp where losing is starting to look more like a plus than a minus.

Besides, you see other teams doing it - the Colts come to mind - and you start to think, hey, why should they get all of the spoils of suckitude?

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