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To Hail or not to Hail: Part the 6th


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This may be the last missive I write. We are surrounded this day by fiendish cats from the blackest part of Hell and though the lads near me are stout for the first time I see fear about me. Do they pray for Luck this day instead of leaning on their arms and legs. With our lines battered and broken can we win one more day?

Aye, these lions have teeth, but our spears are not dull. Do we tilt our heads to expose our necks? Do we submit? Is there none amongst you that will trust the archers to find holes? Will you not believe in our High Towers or that we can control the Torrain? The very field of battle itself. Our commander says claim faith. Good Michael says that in a test of wills we will not be hamstrung, but Armstrong! Can you stand with him? Lend your heart and your voice?

Aye, no day is certain and the growls are loud within our tents. Our stomachs hungry and our losses large. The limb can shake. The mouth do become dry. It has not been an easy campaign. That was not promised you. There were no lies. Buck up, lads. It will remain difficult, but tis is a chance to measure yourself. To see what stuff is in your heart, your head, and your sinew.

Are you a man? Are you a woman? Are less than a lad? Are ye only a curr beaten and whipped and ready to cower before a festering master like the Count of Vick who pretends injuries and staggers from the field who's only courage is against a muzzled or caged foe?

I hear the calls too. I grieve for the losses and curse the errors so Gross. Still, can you be hail? Will you lend your spirit, your voice, your fortitude. Or is it done for you? Are you over?

Do you hide behind the skirts and poor your eye's salt into your beer. Do you flee to cheer behind another commander's banner. Are you Dallas' man now or do you beg for a Bill?

Or does your fist strike with such force and your voice call with such fervor that the blackest lions of the jungle flee from your call.

Are you hail or are you prey? What are you this day?

Will you rise and march into the sun

Facing rival and beast and gore

What are you made of son of Washington

Do you cowner or fight one day more?

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Putting these to bed. Interestingly, we seemed to win when these got more than fifty Hail yeses, but regardless... I fear the results of the poll going forward and for the moment... we deserve a Hail No!

I'll remain behind my team, but the schtick is done for now.

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Put down the cough syrup Burgold...lol.

The blind Phoenix is hovering above the once-proud but now-fallen land where the beast of the east once roamed.

Circling, high above in search of morsels to feed upon, and the slow downward drift reveals a carcass to feed upon. Crashing to the ground, the Phoenix realizes its inability to safely land, shakes off the cobwebs, and slowly but carefully walks over to the rotting flesh to feen on.

When UP jumps a sleeping giant, angered by the bite mark left on its hind, it lashes out in a furious roar to the Phoenix, which startles the hungry bird. It knows no better, so angrily it attempts another bite, with a growling stomach craving nourishment, but it is quickly run over by the beast as it runs away.

Now, the time has come for Mike to re-evaluate who wants to win and who wants to collect a check, and separate the 2 from each other. Week after week, we see opponents, some winless, others with 1 win, and blindly play down to their level, and play against our strengths and their weaknesses. Every week, we see one dimension of the team faulter, and even though injuries play a part, there is enough talent to overcome most, with the right playcalling and the right players executing them.

This loss was clear as to why the team failed; to Hail, yes, I will always be behind this team no matter what, but I will always question people like Kyle and Haslett until they can prove on a weekly basis that they have what it takes to be a winner, and getting super-talented players doesn't count; creating the best possible team with who they have is what makes a great coach, not the other way around...

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