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Looking for a good gift for your Wife or GF? This is perfect! (remember Christmas is coming up)


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I am sharing this for all the Redskin gals here and for guys looking for something to get their GF or wife. While hosting a Stella & Dot party For Nikki at my house I noticed this made the perfect Redskins necklace. It is unique and cool at the same time and their items are made well.

Nikki is part of our Redskins Family and I adore her. She is trying to get her Stella & Dot jewelry off the ground.

To order it (or any other items) go to:


For the Redskins Necklace in Gold order:

C823G- Leaf Charm (looks like a feather)


C803CG- November Birthstone Charm


C803GG- Jan Birthstone Charm


N800G- 18" Delicate Necklace


For the Redskins Necklace in Silver order:

C823S- Leaf Charm


C803CS- Nov Birhstone Charm


C803GS- Jan Birthstone Charm


N800S- 18" Delicate Necklace

Attached Photo :)

Hope this helps some of you :) and if your wife or GF is not a Redskins fan they have other cool items. One of the biggest hits at my party and I own them too is these:


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Lol Nikki is really cool but not posting her pic here lol!

Give me credit I am trying to help you boys out and reminding you that you can shop prior to Christmas Eve lol

She does have nice stuff and I do like the Redskins necklace ;)

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