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Beauty queen shoots and kills home invader with pink .38 pistol


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Next question, and maybe some of you ladies can help me out here...

Why is she... with that?


Dude looks like he weighs 27 pounds dripping wet... She actually looks like she weighs more than him, and she's really cute.

But then again, I'd guess she likes the money... So I guess I answered my own question.

KDawg, that's what I was wondering. This girl is beautiful. But to each it's own I guess. Good to see she did what she had to do.

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WTG Meghan!!!!

I really wish this would occur more often especially up here where women still jog or walk from the subway by themselves in secluded areas.

Can you imagine the would be rapists, muggers and serial killers reactions when they discover all of their prey is packing a pink pistol and the last thing they see is the business end of it?

Nothing would change.

People have guns in their homes, and burglaries are not decreasing, eh?


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That guy is literally a pencil neck.

He's either got money or a nine inch tongue that can play a piano.


I used to be perplexed about how dumb people like this were this successful...but I have met a lot of them over the years.

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