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Mummified Remains Found in Dead Hoarder's Home May Be Missing Mother


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Bergmeier was known by her neighbors to be a pack rat who filled her house with plants and plastic bags stuffed with a mix of important papers and trash. Outdated newspapers and magazines were piled throughout her house in the 9200 block of Catalina Drive.

Nearly three weeks after the 75-year-old was found dead on Feb. 7, a relative found the unthinkable among the rubbish: the mummified remains of an elderly woman, presumably Bergmeier's long-unseen mother, Gladys Stansbury.

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Its too bad they didn't uncover this while filming for an episode of Hoarders.

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oh please. like none of you have a mummified corpse somewhere in your house. :rolleyes:


Some of us certainly could have had one in our rooms when we were teenagers :ols:

I do not understand hoarding at all. I swear to God I understand the mind of a sociopath better than I do of a hoarder.

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