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Deadspin: DeAngelo Hall Really Wanted a Hot Dog


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The Redskins cornerback was a little hungry during his last preseason game against the Jets. So much so that he asked a fan to make a food run for him.

Reader Aaron relays his conversation with DeAngelo Hall during Friday's preseason game at the New Meadowlands Stadium.

The private seats behind the bench let you interact with the players. This was in the middle of the third quarter.

Deangelo Hall: "Yo get me a hot dog"

Me: "What do I get for a hot dog"

DH: "Whatchu want?"

Me: "A helmet"

DH: "A hat"

Me: "Deal"

He sweetened the pot by autographing it and having Clinton Portis sign it too. (DH had 1 interception and 1 hot dog with ketchup and kraut)

Sounds like a fair trade, although the last player to chow down during a game caught some **** for it.

I'd get DHall a hot dog for an autographed hat!

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Dhall has been great since he's been here. Was worried about his rep but seems he left that part of him in Atlanta and Oakland. Good to see the players having a little fun

This is his home town team too. I am sure he is happier here

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Cool post. Semi-funny related hot dog story:

A buddy of mine used to work for the Raiders as their junior videographer. Before kickoff at a game in Philly, Sebastian Janikowski showed up seriously hung over from the night before, and trainers realized it was 10 minutes before kickoff and Sea-Bass hadn't eaten anything all day. They sent my friend racing into the stands to get him a jumbo hot dog. He gave it to Janikowski and asked him how the dog was, and he just muttered, "ugh, I think I'm going to be sick."

Five minutes later, he kicks off to start the game, and the kick is way shorter than it should be! Ah, behind-the-scenes life in the NFL.

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