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YS: Redskins’ Haynesworth crossed the wrong guy

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The accountability that now exists at Redskins Park -- thanks to Shanahan and Allen -- is going to go a long way towards helping this team. No more, "My legs hurt and I can't practice," mess. You act the fool, there will be consequences and Big Al is learning that the hard way. Let's hope it continues.

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It just strikes me how much this whole Haynesworth situation has benefited Shanahan, if Al hadn't been a big story the coach would have had to pay someone else to be the goat. Arguably the most crucial element that the new FO team had to establish was a serious, professional attitude as opposed to the "Fast Times at Redskins High" follies we have seen played out for several years. How better to lay down the law than having this thing w/ Haynesworth?

Several people here have already mentioned that dynamic wherein a guy bucks the system and has to redeem himself, especially in the eyes of the other players. The coaching staff knows it cannot afford to have some lingering issues dividing the lockerroom, and this plays right into that. By the time the team takes the field against Dallas this will all be ancient history.

The thing that still kind fries me is that we could have been here long ago w/ Schottenheimer. TheDan still owes him a public apology, just as part of the Vinnie detox program.

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