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and you thought the Skins OL looked bad


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Originally posted by Larry

I've been liking their use of the skycam (or whatever they call it). My problem is I don't think they're using it enough.

I really like the behind-the-QB angle for watching the lines work.

I know what you mean. What drives me nuts is it seems like the networks think we are all idiots who would not appreciate being able to see the whole field.

I look forward to the daw when we have interactive TV and can choose our own camera angles.:high:

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Originally posted by Awgustlab

Great how in the interview with T.O. he says he is just going to leave his contract up to "the lord".

And we thought Jerry Maguire was modeled after Drew Rosenhaus. Wonder if the Lord can "Show T.O. the MONEY!!!"

Naw, maybe he will hire Sean Gilbert as his agent

:rotflmao: :rotflmao: :rotflmao:

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49ers are going to continue to slide from that 12-4 record of two years ago. I just don't see that much talent on this team vis a vis others in the NFC.

They have some headliners but overall are not what they were in the past.

On defense the CBs are question marks and a team without a solid pass defense isn't going to advance with all the good young qbs out there.

there are also questions about their ability to stop the run up front just as there are with the Skins.

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Do you really think the conservative Giants would pay TO? :)

I mean to take a chance on Collins and then draft Shockey........those are the Giants designated 'feel good' moves for the next 10 years :laugh: :laugh:

Next year it will be back to drafting the Jarrod Bunch's of the world :D

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