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Which Skins do you think will have a breakthrough year?


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Michael Westbrook, of course. I've been making the same prediction for almost 10 years.

Wait, you mean he's not with the team and probably won't play in the NFL again?

Then I'll say Fred Smoot. He has to put up or shut up this year. We all know he's not capable of the latter, so he needs to come up with a stellar performance this year.

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1. Patrick Ramsey - Interesting note. The Skins average for points went up with the defense giving the ball back to Ramsey. He delivered enough to have the team point average go up to about 21 points a game. He handled pressure very well toward the end of the season and recognition of options improved as well.

2. Fred Smoot - yes he can yak. He is very aware that unless he improves on his game, he will be victimized by a flood of plays directed at him. Parcells makes no bones about attack a weak link repeatedly, using different looks. That's twice a year to see that truck coming and he has to respond. He is more confident in a system that he understands a lot better and for him it is all he'll need to move in space, jam, stop the run and support. He may gamble, but not as before, which keeps him more plays. He's not shy on tackling, so that's a plus.

3. Flemister - the TE isn't a go to guy in Spurrier's offense, as much as wideouts, slots, or even RB's, but Flemister's confidence on the offense should grow with each catch and so should his RAC.

4. DMAC - Darnerian McCants has two years and motivation from Taylor Jacobs, Richmond Flowers, and Cliff Russell to make the most of each touch. He Will.

5. Regean Upshaw - though he's looked good in Oakland, he'll look even better, because the LB corp is solid, giving him more flexibility, and use of his speed. If he's careful not to knife in and see only the cleats of the RB go by him, he should be a sure headache for opposing OL's, QB's and RB's.

6. Larry Moore - feeling the heat like he did in Indianapolis, he responds well, and just has to feel he can now step it up to a possible Pro Bowl level of play. Otherwise the look over his shoulder could mean he'd be back in the 2nd team, as a depth player.

7. Terrell - I kind think we have a Merton Hanks (SF49er - 4 time Pro Bowler/2SB) type of guy in David Terrell. He can run with the WR's and aint' afraid to bring it on the run. I had previously thought of him as a bit frail against the run, but Edwards likes him and so does the D. He may be the unsung player as the season wears on and the desperation passes fill the air.

8. Bailey - I think we only saw the scratched surface of the man we know got game. More interceptions, bigger plays, and a couple of unmatched performances for one game will solidify why he's the best. In other words, we aint' seen nothing yet.

9. Bruce Smith, knowing his final bell is being sounded, will take advantage of every minute, every second to go straight to the QB, but this time he will show his all around game that we witnessed later in the season, more often. He will shatter the record, but after every lineman he opposses in the first few games fights to NOT be the one that gives them up.

10. Mason and Mitchell (M&M) will no doubt play major roles in backing up Armstead and Trotter respectfully. May even be a bit more early in the season as we preserve Armstead for later in the season and allow Trotter to find his groove again by just near mid-season.

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1.) Taylor Jacobs- With defenses worrying about Coles, Gardener,

he'll get plenty of looks his way.....;)

2.) Patrick Ramsey- This kid is a warrior and he'll have more time

with the revamped O-line, his receiving corps will give him

confidence and that's all he needs to shine....

3.) Fred Smoot- So far, considering camp reports, etc., gotta go

with Smooty.....you know opposing offenses wll be

viewing him as a weak link in the secondary since not many

are willing to pick on Bailey.

4.) Chad Morton- This guy is so versatile with his speed and

playmaking capabilities, it's hard not to see him having a huge

impact on the team, especially on special teams .

5.) Matt Bowen- The Skins have desperately needed a

"head hunter" in the secondary for a long time....words

gonna get around quickly after he rings a few bells.

Thinking about Shockey on a collision course.....ouch!!!

6.) LaVaar Arrington- He's going to be in his natural element this season.....the ramifications give me a warm & fuzzy.

7.) Derrick Dockery- He's my sleeper pick. This guy isn't stupid

and he's building up a rapport with his teamates. Sure, he'll

get schooled on some downs, but he'll learn quickly from the

experience and with that, he can only get better.

8.) Trotter- You absolutely know this guy has been

frustrated since last season with injuries and the staff from last season. With Bailey, Bowen & Smoot, there will be

a lot of offensive coordinators wanting to test Trotter's side.

9.) Steve Spurrier- Barring any "key" injuries :doh: , the Skins will

make the wild card round this year and finally get the monkey

off Spurriers back. Spurrier learned more than anybody from

last years gaffs. He doesn't make the same mistakes twice.

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1. Bowen: If he lives up to his hype, we could have a more athletic Chuck Cecil at S.

2. Smoot: I think he bounces back & has a pro bowl calibre yr.

3. Betts: Once he gets healthy he will be our most productive back.

4. Pierce: I hope like hell that our LB's can stay healthy, but if one gets injured I'm confident that Pierce can step in & do a good job.

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Trotter - doesn't like taking a back seat to anyone, even if it is LaVar. He's not LaVar but will make his statement his 2nd year with the Redskins. He's also in the best position to improve with continuity of a quality cast around him.

"LaVar wants to go to the probowl & be defensive player of the year...but I want that too." - Jerimiah Trotter (love the sense of competition, reminds me of the Charles Mann/Dexter Manley rivalry)

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