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Where can we watch the live coverage of Bruce Allen's presser at 2:30pm?


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VIA TWITTER: (Provided by 1067thefandc, Rich_Campbell, RedskinsInsider )

-Allen on coming in now is to get ahead and build a plan

less than 20 seconds ago from TwitterBerry

-Snyder says Gibbs really supports move-SK


-Snyder: "This is obviously the right time for a change."

-Allen says he's talked to Snyder the last few weeks about different things, offered job this week

-Snyder and Allen sidestepped a question about Allen's responsibilities.

Reply - Bruce Allen is not answering directly about Zorn or Campbell-SK

- Allen interrupts his introductory remarks to say hello to Bubba Tyer #Redskins

-Bruce Allen "they have a nice core of talent "-SK

-Allen: "They have a nice core of talent. ...I think if we can add to this team, we'll accomplish our goals."

-Allen: "What makes it a good fit is I want to be in a place with tradition."

-Bruce Allen -met today with Jim Zorn, told him what he's going to try to do and discuss the future later-SK

-Allen: "It’s exciting because of the history, the tradition, the comfort about coming home."

-Snyder on Bruce "proven winner...tireless work ethic...understands the tradition"-SK

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can you recap for us stuck at work? thanks

So far he said he hasn't made a decision on Zorn he has only talked to him briefly.

Excited for Monday and Sunday night, wants to see how coaches interact.

Says he doesn't want a good practice or good day here or there, he wants 52 weeks of good practices.

Snyder says he knows this season has been difficult, but he looked for a change.

Asked about Salary cap and CBA, thinks it's a wonderful time and opportunity. Will have a plan for capped or uncap. Key is players on the team.

Snyder says that Bruce has authority, when he makes a decision it's a Redskins decision.

Bruce was just asked about Gruden, and he said there is no opening at this time for that position. He also said he has relations with tons of coaches, not just Gruden.

I'll keep updating

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