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Three of the DC area sports teams have been, no delicate way to put this, completely ABYSMAL in the last 12 months.

Which pains you most and why?

For me it's the Skins b/c they're the team I am most fervent about, but beyond that, it's the fact that there's so much complete uncertainty about where things go from here for the Skins organization. I think everyone agrees serious rebuilding is needed, but even that's not going to be an easy task. No one can agree who the next HC should be, no one seems confident which way we should go with our draft picks (assuming we haven't somehow squandered them by April).

At least the Nats are young, seem to have hit the draft lottery with Strasbourg, and are only going to get better.

We can only keep our fingers crossed for the Wiz. Though they too, like the Skins, seem to have boxed themselves into a corner with poor spending of cap money.

But for us Skins fans, it seems like nothing, not even upward progress, can be taken for granted. Other than that there will be massive turnover, perhaps even as early as this week. But as to the results, who knows? Have we actually learned anything at all these last four weeks, or two years for that matter? And who has any confidence that we'll get it right in terms of decision making for the future in 2010?

I hope someone can give me a valid reason to believe we actually have a brighter future than the Nats or the Wiz (other than our deep-pocketed owner) b/c right now doesn't look so good.

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And I'm not even a "bash Snyderatto" proponent. I actually happen to think they've tried to put together what they believed would give us the best chance to win, so who can really fault them for that?

But frankly I feel this organization has run out of options. The well of tricks seems to have run completely dry at this point. Hiring Shanahan/Gruden/Holmgren whomever for next year will still not make us competitive for at least 2-3 years.

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