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1st quarter of the season over, what have we learned?


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The first quarter of the 09 season is over and the Redskins made it out at .500 (barely). But what have we learned about this team over these four games?

I have learned that.....

-Once again the local media has lead us to believe that this team is better than it actually is.

-That we still only have the same 3 guys making plays on offence.

-Thomas and Kelly are about as productive as last year

-Suisham isn't a terrible punter

-Reed Doughty and Fletcher are playing balls out every game.

-Campbell really hasn't show a lot of improvement from last year :(

-Carlos Rogers still can't catch

-The run to the left does not work, let me say that again THE RUN TO THE LEFT DOES NOT WORK!

What have you learned about the team thus far and what grade would you give the team?

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That we need new ownership.

Santa for this X-Mas, I want you to grant me one wish. Please return the ownership of the Skins to the Cooke family.

Danny and Vinny are two of the biggest jokers in the NFL.


- We gave up too much to draft a lousy QB!

- Carlos is an average DB who can't catch

- We limit our offense to involve Santana, Portis, and Cooley

- We constantly are Max protect to ensure Jason has time --- cause he is SLOW.

- Greg Blache is a loud mouth and unimaginative DC

- Our team is overhyped, overrated, and OVERPAID!

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Still need better line play, both offense and defense lines are still not good enough to be an elite team. Can't run block on offense and still can't get constant pressure on defense. Also we have found out that our team REALLY has overpaid for Haynesworth instead of just assuming they did.

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We didn't learn a thing, we knew Danny Boy is not an NFL owner, and every day is Ground Hog day around Redskin park

I love that movie.

We have learned that we haven't progressed and actually may have regressed.

We learned that Zorn is eventually going to be fired. The only question is when and if we have a replacement coming in before the season ends?

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We as fans learned not to buy into training camp talks of QB's being light years ahead after being in the same system, WR's being far ahead then they were the previous season, the offense looking any different even after 1 year of the new "Westcoast" system, oh and bringing an all pro DT does not garuntee the other 3 linemen will get more sacks or QB pressures.

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Campbell aside, I think we've learned that Orakpo, Wilson and Haynesworth are not being used to their potential.

I learned we got ripped off paying Haynesworth all that money!!!!

Allen from Min is twice the player Haynesworth is, I'm not buying the hype we got ripped off bad!!!

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