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Sagarin's NFL Ratings - Week 3

Mark The Homer

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The Redskins have dropped six places, and are now ranked 24th. The Lions have moved up to 21st.

The Bucs, having lost 24-0 to the Giants, are in 31st place.

Giants were in 1st place last week, but slid to 6th. This may seem odd given their win over the Bucs. But their rating actually increased from 25.22 to 26.52. However, five teams had rating increases which were more significant: Broncos, Saints, Ravens, Colts, and Vikings.

Eagles are 10th.

Cowboys are 14th.

Redskins are favored by 7 at home Sunday, hosting the lowly Bucs.

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That was a very generous spread IMO! Unless this team gets an attitude adjustment immediately I am afraid it is going to be one heck of a long season.

I thought we would go 9-7, but now I am thinking I may have been too generous with that prediction.

This is really a shame. I just do not see one ounce of urgency with very few exceptions from our guys to win.

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