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OpenSecrets.org: Politicians Score Significant Cash From NFL Owners, Coaches and Play


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Ah, the football/politics hybrid topic, this should be fun.:saber:


The San Diego Chargers are hardly professional football's most prolific team, having advanced to just one Super Bowl – they lost the game – in 43 years.

When playing politics, however, the Chargers are untouchable: Team owners, officials and players have combined to contribute more than $2.4 million to political candidates and committees since the 1990 election cycle, a Center for Responsive Politics analysis of federal campaign finance data indicates.

That's nearly four times as much as the runner-up Houston Texans, whose associates have contributed more than $623,000 to federal candidates and committees during the past two decades.

As the 32-team National Football League begins its 2009 season, the Chargers and Texans stand among 20 clubs to donate more than $100,000 to federal political interests since the 1990 election cycle, according to the Center's analysis. Executives and employees of the league itself have also teamed together to contribute more than $322,000 during that time frame...

The chart below shows political contributions, by football team or league, to federal political candidates and committees between 1989 and 2009. Persons listing themselves as team officials, coaches, players or employees are included in team and league totals:

There's a chart near the bottom of the page showing which teams donated how much in total, and how much to each political party. Here are some interesting ones:

Team: ------------ Total: --------- Dem: ---------- Rep:-------Dem %:-----Rep %:

San Diego: ------$2,455,200 ------ $40,733 ------ $2,414,427 ------ 2% ------ 98%

Washington:-------$323,000 ------ $8,550 ------- $314,450 -------- 3% ------ 97%

Philly:------------$183,500------ $156,400 --------$27,100 ------- 85% ------ 15%

Dallas:-----------$164,467 ------ $29,600 ------ $134,867 ------- 18% ------ 82%

NYG:------------$31,000 -------- $8,700 -------- $22,300 -------- 28% ------ 72%

My personal observation: I find it interesting that Philly is the only NFC East team to favor the Dems.

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My personal observation: I find it interesting that Philly is the only NFC East team to favor the Dems.

Jeffrey Laurie is a big time Democrat, but in general, the wealthy and football fans (largely because football is at its most obsessive in the South) lean Republican.

I'm not surprised at all.

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