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Top 5 worst conservatives


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top 5 worst conservatives (or best depending on who you are)

5. Sean Hannity

4. Man Cow (what is his real name?)

3. Pat Robertson

2. Ann Coulter

1. Rush Limbaugh

tell me what you think about this list or help me make top 5 worst liberals list, i can only think of two

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Is there any real way to paint someone as Liberal or Conservitive? I mean, when you think of the meaning of the words, a liberial is anyone who is willing to make big changes, and a conservitive is just someone who wants all changes to be slow. I know in politics liberial is more Govt. and conservitive is for less govt. But how can you really paste any one as either Lib or Con, but there are so many different topics, and so many diferent reason for backing each side, that even if one party was collasped, the other one could then, and even now branch out into other sects. Since Ralph Nader took votes away from Gore, and Ross Pero and Harry Brown took votes away from the Bushes, does that mean that that they are Liberal and conservitive respectively?

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Originally posted by luckydevi

Al Franken

Robert Scheer

Bill Moyers

Harry Belafonte

Michael Moore

Ed Asner

Barbra Streisand

Susan Sarandon

Ramsey Clark

Helen Thomas


Just a few

Hey lucky... I think the question was for conservatives, not comunists.

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Jesse "When did we start to let black people read?" Helms & Strom "Robert E. Lee and I shared a tent in the Civil War" Thurmond are my two that should be included. Yes, kind of dated, but over-the-top conservatives nonetheless .

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