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Yahoo Sports: Wicked video: Minor leaguer performs major league bat trick


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Womack, a second-round pick of the Mariners in 2002, didn't have enough success with them to advance beyond Class A (other than some apparently token at-bats) before being let go in '08.

That he is batting .293/.387/.402 for the Armada this season in a league that features the likes of Jose Lima(notes), Mac Suzuki and Hideki Irabu must be great for Womack. After all, he's still getting paid to play a kid's game.

But it's not Womack's hitting that has the Internet Tubes abuzz. Add a ball to the equation and, sorry Josh, but few care. It's his nimble digits, the lightest fingers this side of a cabal of Times Square pickpockets, that are providing him this 15 minutes.

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Is this the video of that guy at the Indoor Football League game who plants the bat on his forehead, spins 5X then falls twice, leaving 3 layers of skin on the artificial turf?

**** you John.

**** the horse you rode in on.

**** the people who groom the horse you rode in on.

**** the people who like the people who groom the horse you rode in on.





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You've seen it, too?

Bwahahaha :laugh:

Seriously- have you seen the pics on the Maryland Maniacs website??

Nah, I looked the next day, but they weren't up yet.

BTW, this thing is going to scar like a burn. It's crazy. And my kneecap still aches like crazy sometimes when I'm playing with the kids, or trying to jog my fat ass down the trail.

It's not FUBAR anymore, but it's still AFU.

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