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I loved Get Smart. I will never watch the recent movie because the old tv show is all I want to remember and the movie will ruin that. Maxwell Smart FTW!

I'm a fan of the old TV show, but the movie was fun. Its certainly not the TV show, but its still a fun--and funny--ride.

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Remember seeing an interview, I think with Mel Brooks, about that show.

Seems there was an episode where Max and 99 were sneaking across Seigfreit's secret desert island, and they get caught in quicksand.

The censors said they couldn't do that, because quicksand was too gruel a way to die, even though they, of course, escaped without dying. Too scary for children. Couldn't even show it.

Brooks re-wrote the scene:

99: Max! Quicksand!

(Seigfreit appears from behind some bushes)

Seigfreit: No, my dear. That's Seigfreitsand.

Max: What's the difference?

Seigfreit: It's quicker.

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