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With all the cap victims around the nfl, which skins do you feel will go and why? :dallasuck And who do you think will come to Washington?

If you are going to start a thread, at least throw out a couple of options that you have thought of to start the discussion!

My wants: Springs, Taylor, Washington, Griffin, and Jansen (even though there is a cost to cut)

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RIP Jason Taylor, 8.5 million for 3 sacks and a forced fumble

RIP Marcus Washington, Love your enthusiasm but rarely see it on the field.

RIP Shawn Springs- Wish you would restructure take a paycut or something to stay. Great when you are on the field.

Oh by the way, I heard from a credible source. Believe it or not I dont care.

Anyways Jansen is staying with the Skins. He was pulled into Snyders office and they came to the conclusion he would stay another year.

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M Washington - Gone

J Taylor - Gone

Springs - I dont think we can cut him unless D. Hall re-signs for sure, even then I want Springs back for one more year.

Smoot - if Hall and Springs are back hes the odd man out

Doughty - gets replaced by horton and moore

Griffin - I say keep him for one more year, cutting him would downgrade a already weak line

Daniels - depends on what we do in the draft and how healthy he is.

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Washington should go but what about the offensive side. Restructure Moss, is he really worth what he gets paid. How bout Portis? Our D rocked this year, without them our season would have been a real bust. I know the other teams didn't push the issue to score cause they didn't have to with our offence. But lets make our offensive personel work for their pay. They need to step up and restructure til they make a statement and deserve the $$$$. Until then lets keep our D

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A healthy JT can still be awsome. Remember a guy named Strayhan from some team near NJ. He didn't do to bad at the end of his carreer. Remember who caused the fumble in the Eagles game. I think our D shouldn't take the hit, they did the job.

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