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  1. Have no clue where to post this so I'll try here: Was wondering what happens if we get a home playoff game? Do season ticket holders get the rights to our seats? When would they send us an invoice? I really have no clue because this has never happened since I've been a season ticket holder. Please help.
  2. Anyone know if the Gray Parking lot is still there? Don't see any passes up for sale and really hope it's not just a cash lot now.
  3. Upgraded from row 7 to row 1 in the upper endzone. Right above the goal post. For me, couldn't be happier. Some like the sidelines, I love watching the plays develope from that angle. And you know what... No one can stand in front of me ever again. Went to the lower level for a game 2 years ago and hated it, everyone seems to think they have to stand the entire game. Watched most of the game on the big screen. Never moving til I die or hit the lotto.HTTR!!!!!!!!!
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