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Singletary says there is cancer on every team.


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We had a cancerous blot. His name was Brandon Lloyd. Fortunately, we made sure he could not grow or flourish with us.

It was too bad, really. He could've done so well with us if he had his head on straight. Maybe Gibbs was too hard on him... but I don't think so. He was content on the sidelines, always happy and smiling even though he wasn't seeing the field. That's never a good thing.

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Isnt it obvious.....its freaking Betts. Hes causing team dissension by causing mcdonald5 and a few other posters to diss on Portis on a fan website.

/case closed

/col. mustard with the candlestick in the library

no sir it's gotta be Alfred Fincher. Something inside me just doesn't sit well with that guy. lol.

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its his style, and to say a guy is not capable of being successful just because he is different, its never been done like that before, he might have been to public, he is 2emotional, he will lose the locker room like this.. this is all just specultion, and i will continue it with my opinion of singletarys coaching future..

i think he is a fiery persona, much like ditka, and i think his coaching can be successful. vernon davis has not responded to any of the previous coaches he has had and in my opinion seriously lacks discipline. he strikes me as a person/player who has always had things given 2him because of his freakish athletic ability and potential.. this feeds the false belief that he should be given a pass at times where others might not.. the only thing he has ever had 2fully commit 2in his life are things for himself.. keeping his body in top condition, making highlight tapes, doing commercials for under armor, signing huge rookie deals and making lots of money.. never once has he had 2do what his current head coach wants and thats sacrifice personal gain in any fashion for his team.. he would rather be childish, immature, self-centered, and not accountable for his actions, which can sometimes be detrimental to his team

i think mike s. will be a very good head coach, and i think he gained alot of respect from most of the men on that squad.. the ones that matter anyway, and i would bet that one of the players who would go 2war with him any day of the week from here on out is vernon davis. he was embarrassed nationally and it was his fault.. he slapped another guys facemask, cost his team 15 yards, and ultimately made a fool of himself. he probably thought long and hard like "what just happened? how could he do this 2me?" when the dust settled bigvern realizes he needs 2act like a professional. just because he has money, athleticism, and respect from his teammates as a playmaker does not entitle him to shoot off at the mouth or take stupid penalties.. maybe he should start reciprocating the same respect his teammates give him for his abilities and be the best teammate mentally/physically he can. honestly how hard is it to put your team before your ego? i think vernon is prepped 4 a huge turnaround and i think that sideline tongue lashing the likes of which he probably hasnt received in 10 years might go far 4this young talent..

coaches are always toughest on the players they have the highest standards for.. vernon and any athlete/former athlete knows this and thats why i think he has gotten not only vernons attention, but his teams.

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