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:helmet: Sea/Skin - A current Washington Redskins player or coach who was once affiliated with the Seattle Seahawks either as a player, a coach, or both.


Jim Zorn- Redskins Head Coach

Stump Mitchell- Running Backs Coach

Sherman Smith- Offensive Coordinator

Shawn Springs- Cornerback

Mike Green- Safety

Shaun Alexander- Running Back

Ryan Plackemeier- Punter

Pete Kendall- Offensive Lineman

Philip Daniels- Defensive End

Former NFL Offensive Lineman Andy Heck was a Sea/Skin as well during 1999-2000. Is there any other Sea/Skins you all can remember? This is all I know.

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I've mentioned this a couple times. At first it was kind of irritating, but then again, if guys feel comfortable around each other, it can help the chemistry.

Alexander played at Bama with Samuels and Griffin. He mentioned in his interview it was nice to reconnect with them.

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