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Why WE WILL LOOK GOOD this preseason.


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I can't wait to see ANY Skins football, like you just said.:cheers:

A-Men brotha, but I also agree with what the man is sayin. Our 2nd team offense is pretty strong. I am also quite fond of Nix. I think he has the ability to help the team out. Just my :2cents:

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Sorry, but I'm of the mold that preseason is preseason. Who cares if our guys look GREAT agains a bunch of guys who are about to get cut from other teams? What I want to see is no injuries to our starting lineup. As long as we can get that, I'll be happy. Now you talk about our rookies manhandling NY's starters in week 1, then I'll be happy. But otherwise, I'll be remembering Osaka and reminding myself not to get too high or too low, although many say that Ramsey's poor performance in the 2005 preseason led to his benching in game 1, so lets hope that Campbell doesn't pull a Ramsey.

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