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Vegas vs Atlantic City

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You can't compare the two.

Have never been to Vegas, I can't say why it would be any better than AC. Obviously much bigger in comparison. Me though? I don't like gambling all that much (here and there is fine). So, AC is where I would go to stay away from losing money. ;)


Sorry Borgata lovers but, besides the Borgata Babes, it can't hold the Trops jock.

I have been on this site talking about the Quarter enough times already. So I won't go into that again. Just that you MuST go when you visit AC. Of course, the Quarter is inside the Tropicana. Google it if you are not familar.

As for there being nothing to do in AC besides Casinos and the beach?

I'd recommend that you visit AC again. But open you eyes this time. Lol

There is nightlife in AC. Night clubs, strip clubs, shopping (if that is your thing. If not, your lady would love shopping here. 'The Walk' is flooded with outlet stores. As is the Quarter).

Is Vegas better than AC? Depends who you ask. If you want a scaled down fun weekend... AC is your place.

I am sorry AC is crap...The food sucks, there is little to do, what you can do is overpriced.

Strip Clubs...I have to BYOB and pay a cover to get in....naw I don't think so.

40/40 or whatever Jay-Z's club is....hot chicks in there with big asses hustling for drinks, but as soon as the bartender said 13.75 for a rum and coke from the well, I was out. I don't need to pay an inflated price for a well drink to prove I got money.

Gaming tables are garbage. Crowded and few options to find a good game with favorable rules.

The boardwalk is fun to take your GF for the day and play the games and stuff, but beyond that, there just isn't much. Oh wait...funnel cake...mmmmmmmmm.


Great food cheap prices!

Tons of entertainment other than gambling.

Strip clubs - honestly I have always been to busy in Vegas to hit them up so I can't say, this is coming from a man who loves strip clubs more than pacman

Gaming - so many options at gaming from 2$ tables to high stakes

Accomidations - second to none. I have never had a bad room in Vegas.

Vegas is truly geared towards families now, so you can bring your whole family there and have a great time doing all kinds of things.

Atmosphere - Everytime I have been out on the stip I feel like something exciting could happen at any moment. When I am out in AC, I feel like I can be robbed at any moment.

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Sorry dude, but that bartender was raping you lol

Is AC a scaled down playground compared to Vegas? I could have sworn I already said that...

I won't let that stop you from going on a rant though lol

No kidding, I was like naw that's ok I don't need a drink that bad.

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AC is fun for a weekend, but Vegas is the S**t! I had so much fun when I went. My girlfriends and I are planning another trip this year.

LOL I had to reread that. I thought you were a dude that has a couple girlfriends....lol

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Gambling is gambling. Sitting in the poker room at the Taj is really no different than sitting in the poker room at the Mirage.

If you are looking for a full "exprience," however AC just can't compete with Vegas. A typical resort in Vegas probably has more resturant options and more show options than all the casinos in AC put together.

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