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  1. I just watched the first episode of The Wire last night. I have to say I wasnt impressed. I'm going to give it a good 4-5 more episodes as I know things take time to get started, but from all the praise I figured it'd have me hooked right away likeTrue Detective or Breaking Bad.
  2. After reading the entire thread I cant believe no one has said The West Wing. If you like House of Cards type political drama West Wing is much better. Perfect for binge watching, 22 episode seasons. Its a bit older, but still a very good show. And as others mentioned Breaking Bad Walking Dead Ray Donovan SOA I just started Lilyhammer and its pretty good so far. Next up will be Sherlock and The Wire based on all the reviews from this thread.
  3. i clicked the st://A0ECgpwEdTkDOQaCoAHIgBZsnxxfWWWNVfWdYt1J84H1ihcHU1Q4MzE5NophAIpBB2RlZmF1bHSKogZTcG9ydHM=/ link and the little blue window pooped up and after it buffered it has a little yellow exclamation point saying "still connecting but channel seems to ..." is that normal. do i just need to wait or try again?
  4. Guiness, Smithwicks, Fischer, Sierra Nevada, Chimay, and Maredsous. My mouth is watering now.
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