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Cooley, Portis, Landy, Moss Jerseys for Sale


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I have the following jerseys for sale:

Player Style

Chris Cooley White 48(1), 50 (1), 54 (1) Outlined Letters

Clinton Portis Team 48 (1), 50 (1) 52-54 (2 of each) Outlined Letters

LaRon Landry White 48 (2), 50 (3) White Collar

Santana Moss Team 48 (1), 50-54 (2 of each) Outlined Letters

Santana Moss White 48,52,54 (3 of each) 50 (2)White Collar

Above is a table that lists the player, the jersey color (team = burgundy), what sizes I have available and the notes describe any issues there may be with the jersey. These jerseys have stitched numbers and names and screen printed stripes on the sleeves. These jerseys are NOT authentic and do not intend to sell them to someone who thinks they are. These jerseys would most likely be categorized as decent knock-offs as they have some minor errors. These jerseys would be best for those who don't want to pay $250+ for an authentic, don't mind an error here or there but want something more than a replica or premier jersey.

Please post or PM me if you are interested in a specific jersey (player, color, size) and I will get pictures of the exact jersey to you.

I am now asking $50 per jersey if paying by check or cash, $55 if through PayPal (includes priority shipping) and will do discounts for multiple orders.

Here is a quote from MTH's thread on Jerseys that applies here...

Fake, counterfeit, or knock-off jerseys

There are many jerseys on the after-market which are sold as Authentic jerseys which are not. For example, generally 90% of the Authentic jerseys found on eBay are counterfeit, even as the sellers insist they are real. It is possible to find an illegitimate Redskins jersey that looks good and that you’d be proud to wear, and if you can find one and the price is right, it’s a worthwhile purchase. But it is extremely rare and difficult to find one without having at least one obvious, glaring flaw. Ironically, the NFL is partly to blame for the large number of fake authentic jerseys these days because of their decision to begin manufacturing Authentic jerseys overseas.

Here are a few tips which may help you spot a fake jersey:

-Stitching at numbers is not tackle twill

-Alphabetic sizing (e.g. XL) with stitched numbers

-Sewn stripes when they should be screened

-White collar

-yellow outline or border around name letters

-single ply fabric at the shoulders

-use of nfl.com photographs in non-nfl.com eBay listings or sites

-blurred photographs in eBay listings or sites

-wrong jock tag

-NFL shield logo or REDSKINS name embroidered on chest looks blurred or sloppy

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so i took pictures last night and went to upload today and they are too big -- will take pictures that actually fit on here tonight. if you want to PM me your email address i can also send pictures there.

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A friend of mine had them. Realized they weren't up to the quality he was used to selling. Gave them to me to sell for him (for a reduced price)

I think they are good enough quality for the average fan who wants a good looking jersey but doesn't want to pay "authentic" prices.

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One more question before I decide (not trying to be a dick), is the 6 on the jersey kind of "falling over".....it looks like it is leaning at the top. Is that the jersey or just the pictures?

I can check when i go home but I believe it is because it was not laying on a flat surface when I took the picture last night. I can take some more tonight and post them if you'd like.

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