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Trailer: The Andromeda Strain


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Ridley Scott is doing a remake of one of Michael Crichton's best books The Andromeda Strain as an A&E Channel Movie. The TV movie is set for some time this spring...

Here is the trailer: http://www.aetv.com/the-andromeda-strain/

From the Site:

A U.S. satellite crash-lands near a small town in Utah, unleashing a deadly plague that kills virtually everyone except two survivors - an old man and an infant, who may provide clues to immunizing the population. As the military attempts to quarantine the area, a team of highly specialized scientists are assembled to find a cure and stop the spread of the alien pathogen, code-named Andromeda.

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Feeling dubious.

IMO, the original movie was really good.

The book's good. (There's a reason why every Michael Crichton book ever written says "From the author of The Andromeda Strain" on the cover.) But the original film stuck pretty close to the book. (And it looks like this one does, too, although I notice that when they credit the actors, Jeremy Stone and Major Manchek are the only two who's names were in the book.)

And I have to admit that the words "coming soon to A&E" doesn't do a lot for me. (Although I also have to admit that I don't think I'd be enthusiastic if it were any other network, either.)

My gut feeling is: The only parts I'm going to like, are the parts that are just like the original.

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Never saw the original film, but I've read almost every Crichton book. I hope they stay true to the book in this movie. Sometimes a book won't translate well to the screen and I understand deviating, but I think this is one that could transition easily without need for change. I like the choice of cast too. Definitely TV movie quality, but for who they are I think it will work.

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I like the choice of cast too.

Rickey Schroeder? As, apparently, a military MD?

(And I've got the impression that they're going to try to make the military the villains in this one, too. As I recall, there really weren't any real villains in the original, just people trying to solve the problem in different ways.)

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I haven't watch a single episode of 24. Probably never watched five minutes of it. Total.


What, you don't like soap operas?

I too am dubious of this remake (and really of any remake where there was nothing wrong with the original).

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