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DJ Hackett to the Panthers-from NFL Radio


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Wow. Just wow. That's a bargain for the Panthers.

If only we didn't have close to ten mil in dead money.

And didn't need to replace our entire offensive line in coming years.

Then again, this was a good offseason to deal with our cap issues -- no real studs out there.

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Maybe noone wants to sign with the skins after that debacle of a head coach hiring process or maybe since he should know Zorn, he knows he's bound to fail.

Kind of a silly thing to say, since Hackett is the only player to make a visit to the Skins, and the only external player that they have expressed interest in.


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It is, what it is.

Maybe we will play Carolina in the playoffs (if they make it :laugh: )

and we can shut him down.

On to the draft-

Brandon Albert the Jordy Nelson

I hope we do better than last years playoff against Seattle cause he toasted Springs!:2cents:

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