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Things Irish love.


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Whiskey with e

Using euphemisms for the perpetually ****ty weather such as "Soft day, thank God"

Getting sunburned lobster red on vacation

Drinking tea

Being philosophical

Selling overpriced **** (like Aran sweaters and Waterford crystal) to American tourists

Blaming the British

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It's your crap. Don't pretend the Irish invented it and blame us for it. :laugh:

I will bet you that those people wernt from America that invented it. it may have become popular here but that doesnt mean ****

hell, even ABBA got popular here!! :laugh:

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Yarn tellin' (story telling for Americans :D )




Committment to what is RIGHT

Fun !!!!

And yes, I am Irish, Scotch, Indian and English - (parental gene pool)

SO :cheers:

and that is why:

:dallasuck :eaglesuck :gaintsuck :dallasuck :laugh:

PS: Forgot the drinkin' - :D :doh: :laugh: :silly: - I prefer coffee, tea and an occasional ALE :cheers:

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