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Randel El out Espy in Punts


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After a piss poor effort exerted by Randel El last year on every punt return ive seen its time for him to get out of the position. Dont get me wrong i still love him as a wide out but hes lost his touch on returning. Why keep him in with these stats when we have a return machine on our team. Mike Espy, check out these return videos.

In 2007 El averaged a mere 6.7 yards a return, no touchdowns and a long of only 27. In with the old out with the new.

College Returns Start at 4:50

Tell me your thoughts on the switch

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I think it is time to fine a new return man as well. Thrash had better returns because he did not dance around and just went forward.

Totally agree with you and remember this thread from last year by fear our D.


James Thrash should be our Punt Returner henceforth

I'm not a fan who has knee jerk reactions usually, and I really don't consider this as one. But I think Thrash should return our punts from now on.

Randle El is looking more than competent as our number two WR, and played great today until his injury. But I think he does far too much dancing around on punt returns and most times he gets very little. Every so often he breaks it 25-30 yards, but I'd rather have someone get the sure 10-15 yards consistently rather than someone trying to be flashy and go nowhere.

Thrash proved today and in the past that he can return punts by running straight ahead and he is not nearly as pivotal to our passing game. So why risk a Randle El injury on a punt return when for the most part he doesn't do too much, when Thrash looks just as good? Or in the case or today, even better.


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Sometimes i thought the problem was he really didnt have a chance to return the ball. Everytime we recieved the punt, someone was right there to make him call a fair catch, or tackle him on the spot. I do agree though that he danced to much.

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LOL. ESPY? ESPY? Are you flippin smokin crak? Randle El has been the punt returner for two years and he took one to the house against Indy in the prior season. Returning punts isn't exactly like catching a pass....you take risks and look for lanes and try to exploit them. We don't exactly have the best blocking schemes on the punt return either.....so that has a factor. Randle El is one of the most explosive playmakers in the NFL in open space......once again you virtual GMs talk absolute trash. MIKE ESPY? LOL.....I can beat him in the 40.....

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I don't know what happened to ARE - He was deadly in Pittsburgh.

Well, yeah, sorta.

There was actually the same problem of too much lateral movement and too little forward progress when he first started in PIT, but that tendency was eventually beaten out of him. After that, he actually did a very good job of gaining yards consistently, without losing all his ability to break a long one.

Unfortunately, as we all know, he's since reverted to his old habits. Here's to hoping that Danny Smith & co. break him of it! (If they can do that, I see no reason to have anybody other than him returning.)

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