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  1. I disagree with this approach. Signing UDFA's and seeing if you find a starter/contributor is a very low risk move. You never know when one of them will outplay your backup or third stringer and make the team. A total of 33 UDFA made the initial 53 roster last year. That is an average of 2 per team. James Robinson and Balenkship were UDFA's.
  2. I hope he breaks the bank. Cap number is all that matters and as we have seen, it can be easily manipulated every year with restructures and what not. I hope every player gets the MAX they can.
  3. Why do we care about money and who needs to be signed in a couple of years? So much could change with new players from the draft or free agency. If KC and NO can keep doling out contracts and manage the cap then so can the rest of the league. Plus most contracts are really only 2-3 year contracts with ability to cut/trade players after that without too much penalty.
  4. You have to think beyond the starters. High potential players via draft provide cheap backups and ideal replacements in case the starters get hurt. Personally I would have gone with a WR instead of the QB in last year's draft but AJ Dillon is a good replacement for Williams and possible starter in case they weren't able to sign Jones.
  5. I would pump the brakes on 'great'. TH showed promise with one game in which he got injured and Allen was average in the limited time before he got injured. I would lean more on the side of we don't have 'any great' QB and that is why wanted Stafford.
  6. Exactly. You can always sign an average QB but then don't hope for championships or any sort of sustained success.
  7. Depends what winning you are referring to. If you are happy with a 8-8 sort of season with the offense holding you back then fine otherwise you have to find at least a top 10ish QB to have any chance of being a consistent winning team. The whole sitting for 1 year never made sense to me. The rookie QB wouldn't get any first team reps, wouldn't get used to the speed of the game and in Haskins case wouldn't have the work ethic to dedicate to preparing himself. Then all of a sudden the starter goes out because of injury and you have an unprepared rookie QB that is forced to start. Why wait an add
  8. I haven’t watched many games this season. How are we doing at LT? Is there a big drop off from Trent or have the replacements been adequate?
  9. Nobody knows they can complete a hail Mary. You throw it up there and hope for the best. One out of every 50 of these gets completed and makes the highlight. I get your point about a elite QB having the biggest impact on a team's fortunes but saying they knew they could complete that hail Mary is stretching it a bit.
  10. Recruit good players? FA's go to teams with losing records all the times. Good free agents can be had if you are willing to pay the market rate. Miami signed a lot of good FA's this past offseason. You think it will affect their decision if we have 3 wins vs 6 wins. This is not college where you need to recruit 5 start players.
  11. I don't think they were sneaking in every year. I recall one year (2010) where they won the division at 7-9. The point is that except for an off-year, you are not going to stumble to a division win with 6-7 wins. Also lets not forget that they dominated their division 2004-2007 including a Superbowl appearance so there was some sustained success prior to those somewhat down years. Don't think winning the division is realistic. We won't win any games against Dallas or the somewhat improved Philly who just went down the wire with the steelers. After we lose to the Giants, all this talk of
  12. Noone cares if they win the pathetic division with a 6-10 record. We will get pasted in the first round of playoffs. The goal should be to find a franchise QB so that you can contend every year. That is what you have in GB, SEA, NO and others.
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