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  1. Counter argument can be that changing the name will have ZERO negative impact on anyone's life so then what is the harm? At the end of the day, they will gain as many fans as they will lose given how divided people are on the issue. I for one won't stop supporting the team just because they change the name. At the end of the day it will come down to a business decision. You need sponsors that want to associate themselves with the team and given the current political climate there will be tremendous pressure from the sponsors and the NFL to change the name. It all comes down to the $$.
  2. Actually he ended up taking a 1 year offer from KC so that tells me that he did not receive any better offers from any other team. So you can say that nobody pursued him. Yeah I wouldn't give Rivera credit for someone the entire league passed on.
  3. One was a DE with this primary job being rushing the passer and the other is a DT who is expected to push the pocket and stop the run. You can't compare the two. Their stat's being similar is an indicator that Orakpo was an average DE.
  4. Not to mention they traded a first for Bradford.
  5. Probably will have to take the low ball offer.......don't see anything more than a 3rd right now.
  6. By the script so far......a little boring!!
  7. That article that you are quoting was written in the aftermath of their superbowl win. If anything the narrative has been that McCarthy was not always enthused with Rodgers for 'free balling' rather than sticking to the scripted play. That would tell me is that if anything he wanted him to be more orthodox in his approach. It is also well documented that the two did not enjoy a good relationship during McCarthy's entire tenure at GB.
  8. Why would it be 2022? Would we get a compensatory pick next year if he walks in free agency?
  9. Yeah this whole thing about getting to sit and learn from a HOF is a bit overblown. Favre famously said that it was not his job to mentor Rodgers. Rodgers best attributes are his quick release, mobility and ability to throw from different platforms. None of which was probably coached by McCarthy. Favre was a gunslinger and probably not a fine example of perfect mechanics...wonder why McCarthy wasn't able to refine his game.
  10. Only if Bruce had traded Trent to the Texans before they made the trade for Tunsil. God knows what we would have received. Prob a first and change. Thanks Brucifer for your parting gift.
  11. Yeah teams are usually not in the business of looking out for the players. IMO getting back Reiff in the deal would only downgrade the draft compensation we would receive. They would be giving us a starting caliber LT (albeit an avg one) under contract for $11M and $12M for the next two years. I can't see where we get Reiff and more than 5th round pick in that scenario. Our best option is to get the best draft pick and sign a stop gap like Peters for a year.
  12. They can outright cut Reiff and save $8M against the cap this year and $12M next year. Why would the offer include any incentives for taking him off their hands?
  13. There are no guarantees in the draft. Even if you trade down and pick multiple players, there is no guarantee any of them will be good/great players let alone starters. However when you have a shot at a possible blue chip player you take that. You don't trade down for multiple good players so that you can fill starting positions. There will be other options beyond the draft when teams release certain players and/or trade them for next years picks.
  14. I believe in 2018 he was on practice squad and only played 2 games so that does not count as an accrued season. So he has 3 more years to go before he hits free agency Accrued seasons: Used to determine a player's free agency status (unrestricted, restricted, exclusive rights). In order to accrue a season, a player must have been on (or should have been on) full-play status for at least six regular-season games in a given season.