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We should just forget about DeAngelo Hall.


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The Saints are "currently the leader" to sign free agent Asante Samuel, according to FOXSports.com's John Czarnecki.

Nice to see they've realized their Jason David mistake. Samuel's asking price reportedly went up recently because DeAngelo Hall is asking for $10 million a season. Czarnecki says the Giants would trade their first-rounder for Hall, but wouldn't go that high on a contract.

Source: FOXSports.com

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So I say again to all those who were on the Hall Wagon, get off now and lets either draft one or possibly sign a stop gap til Rogers is ready to come back. After looking over Florence's stats and age, he wouldn't be bad idea at all.

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also forget about Rogers. The Rocky Mountain News reports that the Lions are close to agreeing to trade DT Shaun Rogers to Denver. A deal couldn't be official until Friday.

The terms are unclear, but this is typical high-risk, high-reward Mike Shanahan move. We think it's worth it. Rogers' effort and conditioning are suspect, but he's a Pro Bowl quality defensive tackle in his prime. Denver is desperate for some help upfront and Rogers is a quick fix. Its uncertain if he'll get new money as part of the deal.

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Also maybe we should forget about javon walker

A league source tells Profootballtalk.com that owner Jerry Jones is working on a deal to bring Javon Walker to Dallas.

However, the source says it's possible Walker's knee won't allow him to pass a physical. There seems to be a lot of concern about Walker's long-term health within the league. He shouldn't cost more than a fifth-round pick. Feb. 25 - 3:22 pm et


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I know I'll probably catch holy hell for this one, but I'd rather take a chance on Pacman Jones in DC then Hall. At least Jones has something to prove. Hall honestly thinks he's an elite DB which is completely hilarious.

I actually agree with you. Hall has the physical tools to be elite but he has yet to make it happen.

PacMan would cost less and if he has learned his lesson then he'd have a chip on his shoulder which is always good.

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