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If some here had their way, what would our roster look like now?


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In recalling some of the threads over the past several weeks clamoring for changes in certain positions, I wondered what our roster would like if every one of those folks actually had their wish granted. Now, I don't remember each player that was the victim of the mob's wrath here, but I decided to compile a little list. I'll start with the offense, and maybe some can help fill me in. The starters are in parentheses and their corresponding replacements follow.

So, here goes . . .

QB (Jason Campbell): Todd Collins

RB (Clinton Portis): Rock Cartwright (since Betts' head has been called for too)

WRs (Santana Moss): ARE, Jimmy Farris

TE (Chris Cooley): (same)

LT (Chris Samuels): Stephon Heyer

LG (Pete Kendall): Kili Lefotu (?)

C (Casey Rabach): (same)

RG (Randy Thomas): (same)

RT (John Jansen, Todd Wade): Lorenzo Alexander

FB (Mike Sellers): (same)

My, my, now I guess I see what they're talking about. :)

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I have seen a lot of negative stuff about Rabach as well but no suggestions about who should be in his place.

Yeah, Casey isn't very special at the center position, the only problem is not very many in the league seem to be right now and there isn't anyone out there for us to pick up or draft that can play it better than he can so nobody really mentions it :laugh:

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