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When JG retires...who's the next best coach?


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Guest ComebackKing

People have said Bill Cower, but I don't think he would get along with Snyder at all, Cower is the type of coach who wants to do everything his way and Snyder is the kind of owner who likes to be involved.

I don't really know quite frankly I wouldn't be that mad if Greg Williams was promoted to the HC (those rumors started when he was signed for 3 years to that huge deal before last year) but what are the odds that would happen?

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A young offensive coordinator from another team who is looking for a head coaching job. With Williams still coaching the defense and having a head coach who is offense oriented will really help the team (with the help of Saunders' as the offensive coordinator).

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In my humble and very honest opinion I would say.....

Trade for Norv Turner.

I can see it now.

(Ghostbusters music playing in the background)

The Skins down with despair after there Hall of Fame coach leaves who do they call .... NORV TURNER!!!!!

Cmon if he gets another decade in DC I think he can tun things around.

Whos with me? :D

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I'm not convinced that we necessarily need to start over. I think that's a little dramatic. So, in that vain, Gregg Williams would be a good fit. Possibly. He's a bit abrasive, and wore out his welcome in Buffaolo, but making him our HC would give us stability, and not necessarily require a complete overhaul of the coaching staff and philosopy. Anything other than Gregg (or Saunders) would mean a complete overhaul, and I tend to think that an overhaul would be a bit drastic. We're going in the right direction.

Don't get me wrong. I like Grimm. But that would be starting over. And I don't agree with the chicken littles that we need a new start. Post Spurrier - yes. But post Gibbs -no.

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