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If you want to watch the game again...


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This is mostly for those that missed the game or live out of area, but also for our fellow 'blead burgundy' die hard redskins fans who want to watch the game again.

I had a friend who's a die hard Redskins fan who had to work during the game so I uploaded it. But I would also like to share it with my fellow Extremeskins members and Redskins fans...

I made a mistake and missed the first quarter so the game starts at the very end of the first quarter. Nothing happened in the first quarter any way so it's better like this.

The quality as as good as I could get it with out taking 2 days to upload. It took me over 5 hours just to upload this. It's a 292MB file so make sure you have high speed broad band before you try to download it.

1.Go to this link.

2.Enter the text code you are asked repeat (websites do this to protect from bots) in the top corner in that box next to the orange Download button.

3.Click the orange download button.

4.Wait 45 seconds for the download link to appear. You will see it counting down on the right hand column under "free".

5.Click the grey "Free Download" button that appears.

6.You will be promted with a pop up save window. Click "Save As" and choose your directory to save the game video on your PC and then click OK.


It's the game with out the commercials in it's entirety (Mostly anyway) minues the 1st quarter.

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