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Chiefs to Trent Green: Go explore other opportunities


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Chiefs | Green allowed to contact other teams

Tue, 6 Mar 2007 13:39:12 -0800

The Kansas City Chiefs said that while they continue to talk with QB Trent Green about restructuring his contract and remaining with the team, he will be allowed to "explore other potential opportunities in the National Football League" before making his final decision.

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I could see why wasn't Cam Cameron the qb coach here for part of Norv's term?

Yes he was, and also Cammy Cameron is from Indiana and coached the university for a few years after he left the Skins. As we all know, Trent Green's Alma Mater is IU and he's from Indiana himself. Cam runs Norv's offense which is a Coryell based O, which they use in Kansas City and did under Saunders. This would be a good fit I beleive.

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the Dolphins have been interested in every free agent qb or trade option at qb for the past 3 years :laugh:

the place has been like a drive through for quarterbacks.

who have the Dolphins NOT signed or traded for? :)

True, and don't forget they're interested in Brady Quinn. :laugh:

That'd be quite a QB lineup: Culpepper, Quinn, and Green.

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SportsCenter just announced that Cleveland has contacted Kansas City about a possible trade for Trent Green, so add them to the mix.

This could be interesting. If they sign Trent Green, does that end speculation that Cleveland would draft Quinn? In that case, there could be a shakeup in the top 10, and if Quinn isn't picked by then, it's possible that he could slide to the bottom of the first round (assuming that JaMarcus Russell lands in Oakland).


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