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What about Will Whitticker for OG?


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the guy started his rookie year for Green Bay as a 7th round pick..took over Marco Rivera's postion...and they were really high on him.

huge..340 pounds...smart...good at pulling...etc...and we already have him.

he got cut after 2005 when they brought in a new HC who wanted sleek athletic type OL to zone block..like Denver...didn't fit the profile because he's a "jumbo clogger" which fits Bugel's type of guard.

maybe what Gibbs was saying that he has other options is the fact that he already has some players like Whitticker...Kili Lefotu...and Todd Wade to plug in.

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both Whitticker and Armstrong have some ability but I think they are far from being able to come in and secure a starting spot on a team whose line is a veteran one. I think the Redskins will look to add a veteran like Petitgout at reasonable cost to be the starter inside, but that does not preclude these other players from contributing a la Kedric Golston last year.

the team does not have any proven depth at tackle and inside the club has Pucillo and that is about it.

so these other younger guys who were draft picks of other clubs have a chance to make this team and work themselves into the picture.

but unless there are major injuries in 2007 don't look for them to start.

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The plus for Saunders in Dock leaving is he can now get a pulling guard, which he prefers. One thats good in space, athletic and mobile. I don't know why everyone, knowing this, is recomending plugging big Tackle types in a LG. I see various threads advocating big behemouth, non-athletic types being drafted and signed.

Either Pucillo, Whitley or Molinaro will be scratched in or we will acquire a athletic pulling guard. Any jumbo bodies we sign are for depth at T because they do not think Wade will come back.

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an athletic guard that looks just like Thomas is going to cost $20 million in free agency or a high pick in trade :)

there is no team in the NFC that has 5 pro bowlers across their OL. The Redskins have ONE spot to fill, including TE.

relax and get over the post partum depression from Dockery moving on.

it's not the end of the world.

In 1999 the Redskins signed Keith Sims, 32, off the scrap heap at guard as a vet minimum guy from Miami and he played 16 games for us and went to the playoffs.

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what Saunders want doesn't mean it's what he'll get...remember Gibbs and Bugel want a running power offense..not a passing finesse offense.

then you have to ask yourself...why did the Redskins pick up Whitticker to begin with.

and why did they want to keep Dockery so bad...

both are jumbo power blockers...great for the running game...and Bugle's type of players.

Whitticker must have shown something to be a starter his rookie year and gaining praises from his coaches as a good student of the game.

just trying to figure out what's going on in the collective heads of the FO when they say 'we have other options' instead of pursuing a FA.

it's either the draft or players they already have.

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Grubbs would be a great pickup if we can get him..but he won't be around for us to draft...therefore need to look at other options.

Auburn seems to have become the 'Nebraska' of the college ranks...putting out some good OL recntly like Marcus McNeil of the Chargers who went to the Pro Bowl as a rookie.

but Grubbs will likely be the 3rd OL picked...so that's why I have an eye on Manuel Rivera from Texas Tech...he looks like a real sleeper and a steal for someone.

we need immediate starters or contributors and usually players with size and brute strength such as tackles or guards...or fast and elusive runners like RBs can step right in and start off the bat.

sleek, athletic zone blocking guards need too much time to get the right chemistry working like recievers...and we can't afford to wait.

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Perhaps Will hasn't had time to update his website:



As you may have heard, my time with the Packers appears to be over. Please check back for updates.




Rookie starting guard works to get better; Whitticker still choice

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, The, Oct 20, 2005 by RICK BRAUN

Green Bay Five games into his rookie season, Will Whitticker keeps his eyes on his job.

But his ears can't help but hear the distractions.

Whitticker fooled a whole lot of draft experts by winning a starting guard spot on the Green Bay Packers' offensive line after lasting into the seventh round of the draft in April.

Yet, for what should be a feel-good story of a seventh-round pick emerging as a starter, Whitticker instead hears and reads the stories about how he and Adrian Klemm haven't filled the shoes of departed guards Marco Rivera and Mike Wahle in the Packers' 1-4 start.

"I feel as if I've been getting a lot better, but I don't know if that's what everyone else feels," Whitticker said.

So Whitticker is forced to persevere.

"You try to feel more comfortable, but it's not always what you think it is," Whitticker said of his progress. "You have to take it how it is. You have to deal with the criticisms and try to get better every day."

Offensive line coach Larry Beightol believes Whitticker is doing just that.

"I think he's doing good," Beightol said. "I think he's making good progress. I'm a big Will Whitticker fan. I think he's doing everything we're asking him to do. Is he there yet? No. Is progress sometimes slow? Yes. But we see it. And that's what we like.

"He's a competitive guy. He's smart, he's very aware, he's tough. There's a lot to like about Will Whitticker. He'll be a good guard for us for a long time down the road."

While Beightol has plenty of good things to say about Whitticker and his progress, the rookie still hears the negative things.

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yeah, okay so were do we get the picks from to nab these players? :)

trade down with Houston or maybe Atlanta...and pick up a 2nd or 3rd rounder

trade Springs to Denver for Dre Bly and pick up a 3rd rounder..

that will give us either a 2nd and 3rd or (2) 3rds to use to pick an OL like Manuel Ramirez and maybe a TE or CB..

use the 1st rounder for the DL..either Okoye...Carriker or Pit****..

Carriker and Ramirez will be immediate help IMO.

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Here's a nice article about Whitticker after the 5th game in 2005. They were still high on him then.


Looks like part of the reason he got cut was because he has a severe hamstring injury:


Will Whitticker knows time is not on his side, but he's no closer to knowing when he can return from a pulled hamstring than he was a week ago.

Whitticker, who is fighting for a backup spot on the offensive line, has been out since Aug. 4. He has watched all kinds of shuffling take place on the offensive line, and knows he's missing a golden opportunity. If he doesn't return soon, the second-year pro who started 15 games at right guard last season,might not have a realistic shot to compete for a roster spot.

"I need to get out there badly," Whitticker said, "but I can't put my career in jeopardy. If it's meant to be, it's meant to be. If not, it's not."

Whitticker said he tried to jog on Monday but was in too much pain.

One of the negatives posted about him was that he was cut by the Dolphins, but from looking when he was signed, it looks like he was just brought in to fill in until some players got healthy, since he was only on the team for 3 weeks.

While the guy struggled a little bit in Green Bay, he was a 7th round pick and probably needed time to develop. I like his potential.


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I like the guy. He has a lot of upside if the hamstring injury doesn't linger. He is young and has a ton of learning to do. And it sounds like he is interested in putting in the work and time required.

Not sure if he would start for us right away, but could be good depth and a future starter, IMO....

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