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  1. Look at history of Redskins attendance: 2006. 87,600. Rank 1st 2007. 88,000. Rank 1st 2008. 88,000. Rank 1st 2009. 84,800. Rank 2nd 2010. 83,200. Rank 2nd 2011. 77,000. Rank 4th 2012. 79,650. Rank 3rd 2013. 77,200. Rank 4th 2014. 78,000. Rank 5th 2015. 76,000. Rank 6th 2016. 78,800. Rank 3rd 2017. 75,200. Rank 6th 2018. 61,000. Rank 27th Redskins were once the Crown Jewel of the NFL before years of incompetence eroded the fan interest. The rookie year of RG3 in 2012 gave a temporary boos
  2. Richardson was forced to sell the Panthers last year over sexual harassment claims. Same thing almost happened with McNair of the Houston Texans. So it can happen if the national heat becomes too intense and the revenues get threatened. It is all about money. Jerry Jones owns the most profitable franchise so he is safe regardless of any personal scandals. But when the League sees the 3rd most profitable Redskins fall off a cliff like what happened last year, there is that chance because now it’s about revenues. The TV negotiations will be coming up soon and the lea
  3. FYI... NFL owners CAN force a fellow owner to sell their team if they deem that the owner of a team is harming the reputation or integrity of the game by their actions. If the Redskins continue down this slippery slope of fan revolt...empty stadium....plus the renewed interest in getting rid of the Redskin name they could be deemed harmful to the game then owners can vote and force the team to be put up for auction. You want Snyder out....then you need to do your part by boycotting the games. If you don’t do your part then you become part of the problem and
  4. I hope fans can now see how Tony Wylie operates. He has Bruce’s back because it is Bruce who hired him in 2010 and promoted him to “Senior Vice President”. So he knows how to play the media. Plant innuendo, rumors, slanders to sports journalist desperate for something to report and watching those tidbits of news take off like wildfire. Look at this Kyle Smith episode. Like Scot before him, the fans are beginning to clamour for his promotion to GM and to get Bruce fired. And like Scot before him....stories start leaking from anonymous sources which is Tony Wylie
  5. Washington Redskin game attendance facts: 2018.....27th in league....61,000 average 2017....6th in league....75,000 average 2016...3rd in league....78,000 average. 2012....RG3 rookie year....3rd in league....79,650 average. Make any case you want but my logic sees the loss of Kirk Cousins as being the final straw to break the back of the fans. We all saw during that debacle how inept and petty the FO was and the losing of a franchise quarterback caused fans to give up. We won’t be able to match the Chargers 32,000 averag
  6. “Recent information...” Tony Wylie up to his dirty tricks again. You have to hold this guy accountable also. Bruce and Tony need to go. Anytime you see ‘anonymous sources’ think Tony Wylie. This is what he is hired for and given one of those bogus ‘Senior Vice President’ titles. Just a guy willing to sell his soul to do the dirty work SMH
  7. ‘Hey B, you think I play this s— to go to Pro Bowls? Get it together. Get your head up. We’re trying to win rings. That’s what it is here.’ quote from Tom Brady to Brandon Spikes who was upset about not being chosen for Pro Bowl in 2012 THAT is what is missing here. When your GM/President of Football operations justifies a poor season by saying things like just 2 games from playoffs or blames it on injuries or says that the team is close....that is all losers talk. Trying to embellish or justify a losing season shows a person who does not have the ‘passion’.
  8. The one main question we all have to ask ourselves is this....do the Redskins have the right people in charge for long term success? I don’t think so. I can see the Redskins squeaking into the playoffs with a 9-7 or 10-6 record someday which will have Champaign bottles popping everywhere in Redskins Park. But then the following year they fall back to 5-11 again. They just don’t have the culture like the Patriots, Steelers, Seahawks, or New Orleans who seem to be in the hunt every year. Redskins are not built like those teams nor will they be unt
  9. For an owner who spares no expense on his $100 million yacht....or jet...or house....he sure is cheap when it comes to the training facility called Redskins Park which was built years before he bought the whole package. The current Redskins Park was one of the premier facilities when originally built by Jack Kent Cooke and it was his second to build in less than 20 years. Dan got it as a package when he bought the team and stadium for $800 million and has done little to improve it. They had to be the last team to build an indoor practice field and even then they went cheap with t
  10. I am not fooled by this management anymore when it comes to FA or the draft. There is no player out there that is good enough to turn this around that the Redskins have a chance at getting. The Chiefs aren’t letting Mahomes go. No decent free agent would dare come here except to get paid and Redskins are cap strapped and can’t even be a major player. Drafting in mid 1st round won’t bring in an impact player plus I can’t even trust that they can identify an impact player even if it ran them over in a tank. Then the issue with injuries. Jordan Reed might have talent but he is h
  11. If Bruce really had passion for the Redskins then he would be working around the clock....sleeping in his office....trying to build a winning culture by example....hiring people better than him and trusting them to do their jobs.....doing everything he possibly can to achieve the one goal of all teams...to win Championships. In other words he would be a team player and understand and acknowledge his weaknesses and compensate by giving charge of those areas to the best people he can find all in the best interest of the team because he has ‘passion’ and wants to do everything in his
  12. “We are working tirelessly at Redskins Park to win” Hahahahaha.... Weren’t nobody there last night after 5:00pm except maybe the janitors. There were two or three office lights on but no cars. 9-5....punch out and head home.
  13. Maybe a break-in to steal Bruce’s secret plan to restore the Redskins back to glory? Or better yet....to post on the web so everyone can see how bad it really is after seeing the one page plan drawn with crayons....
  14. Bruce isn’t at Redskins Park. Drove by around 5:00pm and didn’t see one car in the parking lot which is very unusual. there were light on in back of building though....
  15. Meanwhile Bruce and Dan are learning how to play fiddles as Redskins Park burns around them. No reputable coach or free agent with a sliver of dignity would join this circus. The only ones that would consider would be those looking to con the team into one last big payday before retiring like Haynesworth....or a coach who has been out of the NFL for a few years and desperate enough to get back in even if it means signing a deal with the devil. All you diehards can continue with the self inflicted punishment by playing the fantasy draft and FA game, thinking that a trip to the
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