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Quincy Carter crying about Dallas & Jerry Jones on Outside the Lines


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The guy thinks he deserves another chance.

"The mistakes I made cost me millions." :doh:

He was cut one week into the CFL.

With Irvin as a HOF Dallas role model I'm surprised it was only dope (If it had been about Irvin, "Outside the Lines" would have been ironic).

Reminds me of the joke:

How to you get all of the Dallas Cowboys to stand at the same time?

Will the defendant please rise.

America's team my ass :dallasuck

Art for the Hall and take DG with you :logo:

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I didn't see the show, so I'm a bit confused as to where the "crying" part came in...Everyone deserves a second chance, and the mistakes me made DID cost him millions.
He got his chances. I find it imposssible to feel sorry for him. There are plenty of other people that deserve my empathy. He's not even at the end of the line.
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